Winner Announced!  Congratulations to Comment # 45 Danielle for winning the SPIbelt!  

Thank you all so much for participating and for being The More I Run readers!  I have *loved* reading your comments and have had a wonderful birthday today!


It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday!  This month I celebrate turning 43!  Yes, I’m celebrating because I’m proud of it!  I feel better than I’ve ever felt and I keep telling my friends that 40’s is the new 30’s!  😉

I know I’ve talked about the SPIbelt before because I use it so often.  I probably don’t even mention it so much anymore because I do wear it with every run and I would just be repeating myself over and over on how I’m addicted and can’t leave home without it!

I first introduced the SPIbelt to you back in August, 2011 when I wore it for the first time.  That first time got me hooked and now I wear it with every run.  I’ve even worn it on vacation before while doing the tourist-y thing so I didn’t have to lug my big bag around.  It’s so handy for holding my phone, cash, a credit card and even my lipgloss…you know, all the important stuff.  It’s compact, sits close to the body and the neoprene stretchy material is perfect for fitting it all in.

You can see me wearing it here….mid-air.

And here on a beach run.

And again here on our most recent beach hike.

It’s also made my top ten Holiday Gift Guide for Runners!

And to celebrate my birthday this month, I’ve want YOU to have one, too!!  WooHoo!!

You may enter up to 3 times leaving a separate comment for each entry!

1.  Comment on this post telling me how you would use the SPIbelt.
2.  “Like” SPIbelt on Facebook.
3.  Tweet or share on Facebook:  “I entered to win a SPIbelt from @themoreirun and @SPIBELT.  http://wp.me/p1kadh-1lj     ”  including the link to this post.

You can shop for you own SPIbelt and accessories by visiting their website!

A random winner will be chosen and announced on MY Birthday, July 29th at 8:00 p.m. cst.

(I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.)

Good Luck and Happy Sharing!

On a side note, I’ll be “out of the office” next week, but I have an all star lineup of bloggers who will be guest posting for me!  They have each written incredible posts and I can’t wait for you to meet them!

Here’s the schedule:
Monday- Abby from BackAtSquareZero
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Thursday-Katie from Wish and Whimsy

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121 Comments on It’s My Birthday-SPIbelt Giveaway

  1. Happy Happy!!!! Very cool! I miss my fanny pack – I am old! 😉 So this could replace that AND I would have to bring less which is even better! Lots of ways to use it separate from exercise! 🙂

  2. Carmen Foster says:

    This belt would be excellent for me to use during my relay in September. My husband and I ran the Hood to Coast last year And had such Blast we decided to run another relay. Hell’s Canyon Relay is going to awesome. I love following you on Instagram! Happy Birthday!!! I turn 28 on the July so This would also be a great birthday gift for myself haha 🙂

  3. Happy Bday! I’d use this on jogs outside and also when I walk to beach.

  4. I ‘liked SPIbelt on FB:)

  5. I would definitely use this SPIbelt for my running times, but also when I’m at work. I am up and away from my desk a lot and don’t always have pockets to carry my phone, glasses, etc, so this would come in handy for that, too!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You look amazing!!

  6. Happy Birthday to a fellow July Birthday Girl 🙂 I like to celebrate the whole month of course!! ENJOY!!

  7. This looks so useful. I tend to use a little wrist-pocket type thing, but it is tiny, fitting only an ID and maybe a single key. Doesn’t fit my phone, which sometimes I wish I could bring on runs. I’d definitely use this belt for running!

    Thanks for sharing and happy almost birthday !!!

  8. I would also use it for important stuff like lip gloss 🙂

  9. Liked SPI Belt on Facebook. Have fabulous birthday!!!

  10. Stacey Larson says:

    I’m training for my first half marathon and have currently done 10 races this summer. I would love the SPIbelt for my races and training, keys in the sports bra are not always comfy!

  11. Kari Horst says:

    I’d use it to carry my phone and keys. I’ve been walking every day with a friend, helps to keep going, please, please please!!!!

  12. Stacey Larson says:

    Already liked SPIbelt on FB, that’s how I found out about your fabulous birthday give away!

  13. My daughter uses a Spibelt for her insulin pump. I tend to borrow her extra when I go bike riding so that my diabetic daughter always has the ability to contact me

  14. Already like SPI Belt on Facebook…

  15. Happy Birthday to you! Just had my 55th birthday last week!!! I would use my SPI Belt for my runs, walks, hikes and bicycling for my phone, ID, a couple dollars and key. My daughter feels alot better (not as worried) about my activities knowing we can communicate if something should happen.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I would use the Spibelt anytime I ran, so I can listen to my favorite music. Music relaxes me as does running, so this would be a perfect thing to add to my running attire. I would actually use it while I cut the grass too!:-) it’s perfect for that too because it keeps my phone protected while I am working outside.

  17. I ‘liked’ SpiBelt on FB. I would use this to carry less ‘stuff’ when we go to our county fairs with 3 kids. Nothing worse than toting a huge bag when it’s already hot out. AND, I run, so this would definately come in handy on my long runs for some GU! Happy Birthday!

  18. I would use my Spibelt on long runs to carry all my junk!

  19. I liked Spibelt on Facebook!

  20. I love my spibelt and want another… it’s my birthday too!
    I already like spibelt on fb.
    Happy birthday!

  21. Patricia W says:

    I would use it on my runs so I don’t have to carry my phone or keys. I love hands free jogging.

  22. I would LOVE a SPI belt in honor of your birthday! I’d put my continuous glucose meter, my blood glucose meter, poker, BG test strips, glucose tabs, & house key in there while I go for a run (type 1 diabetes, yes.) I’ll probably use it at Disneyland, too.

  23. Happy Birthday!!! I found you via facebook:)

    I would LOVE this as I just ruin my iPhone on a 17.5 looooon hoooooot run/walk/drag (ha) on Sunday from sweat:( I stored it in my running bra….not a good idea!!!!

    Thanks for the entry!!

  24. Patricia W says:

    I liked SPIbelt on facebook.

  25. I liked SPI Belt on FB!

  26. Tweeted, too!

  27. Happy Birthday! I’ll be 43 in a couple months 🙂

  28. spibelt would be great for my upcoming triathlon!

  29. I liked spibelt on facebook!

  30. Kim Yates says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it’s great! I would love a Spi-belt! I am always looking for a place to stash keys, money, Gu, etc. I’m so forgetful! It would really come in handy!!! Thanks for giving one away!!

  31. I’d use it to carry my phone! Then I’d be able to ditch my arm band (and possibly some funky tan lines!). Car keys also wouldn’t need to be tied into my shorts drawstring either, which would be a plus for comfort!

  32. I liked SpiBelt on Facebook!

    PS- My birthday is the 30th! Happy Birthday!

  33. I liked Spibelt on Facebook using my page “for the love of Disney running”!

  34. Laura Carey says:

    Happy BDay! I have used a Nathan belt that does not expand and all my runner friends like the Spibelt!!! I would love to try one!

  35. Laura Carey says:

    Likin’ SpiBelt on FB!

  36. Id use it for races and shorter runs when I don’t need a ginormous hydration belt!

  37. And for the three for all…I would wear my new Spibelt running everywhere…especially if it is waterproof. If its is not raining I seem to be sweating it up these days so keeping the contents dry is important. But as my husband says “That is what plastic bags are for!” Thanks for the chance and keep on running!

  38. happy birthday!! i’ll be celebrating my 35th on july 31st…i’m excited about it too, each year is a gift 🙂

    this looks like a great belt! i’d definitely use it during training runs for my upcoming half in october. it would be great to have something to hold my phone and car key.

  39. liked them on facebook!!

  40. I have been wanting a spi belt for a long time! I always carry my phone with me on runs and half the time I end up holding it in my hand…which is frustrating. I would love to have a spi belt to keep it in!

  41. I would use the SPIbelt for my chapstick, nuun and keys! Happy Birthday!

  42. Danielle Moore says:

    Happy Bday I was looking at these at my phone provider and I want one so bad. I would use it for my phone when I run.

  43. Danielle Moore says:

    I liked SPIbelt on Facebook

  44. Danielle Moore says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  45. Nicolette says:

    Happy Birthday! Looks like a fabulous item! Practical and sporty!

  46. I would use it for my keys and chapstick!!!

  47. I would use the SPIbelt for my long training runs for the Hot Chocolate 15k and the Disney Princess Half!!

  48. I’d love to win this- it would be great for long runs when I need to take my phone or a snack with me!

  49. I would use SPIbelt for running

  50. I like SPIbelt on fb

    & wishing you a happy birthday!

  51. Hi! Okay, first… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Second, great blog and review! Third, I NEED THIS. Oh my goodness! I am currently training for my first half-marathon and I never know what to do with my “stuff” when I run. I usually stick the ID in my bra and key in that TEENY pocket built into shorts. And guess what? I completely ruined an ID through my own SWEAT destroying the outer casing. Yeah, it happened. Nonetheless, this is so perfect. I have never heard of it before and I am SOOOOOO glad to see this review (and giveaway). I need, I want, I desire. WOO! 🙂 Again, have a FAB birthday.. SWEAT PINK FOR LIFE!

  52. This is so awesome. I have never even seen this. I would use this with every single run as well.. especially the races I do. This would come in handy for the two 1/2 marathons that I am signed up for!

    Happy Birthday!
    New(est) SPA!

  53. I shared this giveaway on FB! 🙂

  54. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I would use this every run I go on, especially since I am about to begin training for a half. I don’t like wearing loose shorts, so I never have any pockets…. This would be the perfect solution to where the heck I put my keys, phone, id, etc!

  55. Shared the giveaway on FB 🙂

  56. I liked SPIBelt on FB

  57. I would use to help with my fitness.

  58. Wow that seems really handy. I think it’s something I may want. I’m a beginner.

  59. I SUP and need a waterproof SPI belt. I have a regular SPI belt and love it!

  60. Need it when I’m helping out with the school and need both hands!

  61. I would give it to my parents for when they go hiking!

  62. I would use the spibelt for my marathon training I am currently doing. I have only heard good things about this belt.

  63. Happy Birthday! I would use it to hold key, phone, ID, etc. on a run or bike ride!

  64. And I “like” SPIBelt on FB!

  65. Trying for the contest

  66. I would wear it to the park instead of having pockets loaded

  67. shared on FB

  68. Cindy White says:

    I’m going to use mine in Yellowstone to carry my camera!

  69. Cindy White says:

    Liked them on Facebook!

  70. Happy Birthday!!!
    I would use the SPIbelt for my phone and keys when I go walking with the dogs or when I go running 🙂

  71. I love my SPI belt and would love to have a 2nd one. I use mine to carry my inhaler, phone, and MP3 player when I run!

  72. Tweeted for one last chance…and Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend!

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