As many blogs that I follow on a regular basis, I’ve seen my fair share of both good and bad blogs.  And because my own blog is so important to me, I want to make it as reader friendly as possible.

Here are my thoughts on making your blog the best it can be!

1.  Load Time

Check your loading time.  This is a biggie for me!  If a blog takes more than a few seconds to load, then I’m moving on.  As with most people, we have short attention spans, so I need your blog to load quickly and grab my attention right away.  If your blog is taking too long to load, figure out why-it’s usually because the images haven’t been resized accordingly.

2.  Content

I know this should be a no-brainer, but think about it.  How long is your post?  I know that some posts may be longer at times, but make sure every post is not six pages long.  Remember, my attention span is short and I’m first going to quickly scan the post to see if it interests me and if something grabs me, I’ll stop long enough to read it.  But one thing that quickly makes me exit the page is if it’s going to take me forever to read!  If you have a post that is lengthly, because I’ve had long posts before too, separate the content into paragraphs, make bullets and use the bold and/or italics to give it emphasis.

And one thing that totally bugs me are typos.  Proof your post before your publish it.  I’ve also walked away from typing and left it for awhile to give my brain time to recoup then finish up the post later with fresh thoughts and eyes.

3.  Good Pictures

Include good pictures.  Even if your content is great, I’m afraid I’m guilty of judging your blog and your content based on the pictures I see first.  I know that’s wrong and stereotypical, but if you’re picture quality is not important to you, I figure your blog content is not important to you, either.  Now I’ve been just as guilty of posting poor quality images, but it’s only happened a few times (I hope) and because it’s all I had.  There are times when I’d rather not post a picture at all if I don’t have a good one.

4.  Have a Home Button

I don’t know why I’m seeing this more and more, but here lately it seems that every blog I’ve come across doesn’t have a Home button to click back to!  Why oh why to you torment me like that?!  There’s not much more I can say about that~just have a Home button, okay?

5.  Authenticity

Just be yourself.  Don’t copy anyone else’s content.  Don’t try to fancy schmancy anything up.  Don’t write about stuff that’s not important to you.  Write about the good.  Write about the bad.  Write about the ups.  Write about the downs.  Your blog is about you.  People need other people they can relate to…that’s what interests them and draws them in.  Isn’t that what draws you to someone else?  Don’t you need someone you can relate to and learn from?  Others need that from you, too.

And just for fun, here are a few pictures I snapped during a walk we took this weekend.

Happy Blogging!

20 Comments on 5 Steps to Better Blogging

  1. Great advice – I noticed on the home button thing – usually the text in the title banner is a default home button. That works on 99% of blogs I’ve ever read.

    • Thanks Carrie! I’ll have to check that out! 🙂

  2. Real talk: You are my Monday Motivation. This post ROCKS! xoxo – I think that these are such basic lessons, but the ones that we tend to forget. As bloggers, we get so bogged down with everything in the day-to-day that it’s hard to just go back to the basics and produce the best of our abilities. Could you do me a favor and check my load time? Would love your opinion on THAT one! And my images are often from my iPhone… oops. haha!

    • Thank you Kacie! I checked out your blog and it loads just fine for me. What a cute blog! 🙂 Thanks again! S

  3. Completely agree with you- these are awesome tips. I’m a little curious about my blog’s loading time… I think it’s gotten slower with the blogher line across the top, and I’ve been thinking about dropping it. You’re right- I am not patient enough to wait for other pages to load. Thanks for this food for thought!

  4. Love these tips!
    My biggest beef? Can’t stand it when writers don’t know how to spell and can’t be bothered with proper grammar. Both are huge road blocks for me and I will click away if I’m faced with more than a spelling/grammar error or two.
    Sharing this to spread the good advice around!

    • Thanks Tamara…typos bug me too! 😉

    • Right on with this comment, Tamara. I hate spelling and grammar errors. If you ever see one on either of my blogs, PLEASE let me know so I can hang my head in shame and then go correct it! That would be other than the odd bit of slang I use, okay? 🙂

  5. Great tips! I may not do all of the above but honestly for some of the things, not sure how much I care in terms of the time I have to do this & the fact that I make no money at it… I try my best & blab away but I am not trying to conquer the world with my blog… YET! 😉

    • Hahah! Thanks Jody! I love your thoughts~thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks Danielle! ohhhhh….you’re gonna love it! I also teach a Photography 101 series on my pro-photographer site if you ever have questions, feel free to check it out!

  6. Load time – I have never even considered that before! Very good though. I added a home button to my blog only a few months ago after someone pointed out that there was no way to get back to the homepage. I was embarrassed/grateful to have had it pointed out!

  7. While I’m sure my posts need lots of improvement I do hate reading typos, misspellings and bad grammer! Maybe its the journalism major in me! Love reading your tips! I’m still looking for improvement!

  8. Just read this again and love it so much… one more thought about LOADTIME… some people have this funny little race countdown widget on their blogs. It’s cute but it drives me nuts cause it takes to long to load!

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