Fear:  noun.  An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear.  It’s something we all battle.  Some of us hide it.  Some of us share it openly.  Some of us run from it.  Some of us allow it to control us.

But the truth is regardless of what we do with it, fear can be paralyzing.  It can stop us in our track and prevent us from moving in any direction-holding us hostage within our own self.

Look back at how fear is described in the dictionary:  the key word to me is ‘likely’ to cause _____…. you fill in the blank with whatever it is that worries you or consumes you.  It’s not defined as something that is going to cause pain or threat, but instead likely cause pain or threat–meaning it may or may not occur.  That’s just it about fear–it’s all the ‘what-ifs’ that may never come to fruition.  It’s being afraid of what may never happen!

I don’t want to and I refuse to allow a bunch of what-ifs about tomorrow control my today!

Do we have things to be afraid of?  Of course we do.  Danger, threats, evil, change and so on and so on and so on is all around us.  We can’t avoid it.  But that doesn’t mean I’m going to allow all of those likely threats prevent me from living my life right now, this minute, this second.

If that happens then fear wins, evil wins.

The Bible teaches us that evil has already been defeated.  It’s not our battle to fight.

My God is bigger than any fear I could possibly face.

Does this mean I’ll never be afraid?  No.  But I do know the One who will be with me in that fear.  The One who is bigger than any fear or circumstance I could ever imagine.  I know Who my hope is in and the One who will walk with me or instead carry me through it.

From my little home in Leroy, AL I mourn with our country and the families in Newtown, CT.  In my prayers, I’m not even sure what to pray other than God help them.

I, nor anyone else has answers as to why such things happen, but all I do have is the hope and trust in the One who does.


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