It’s Tax Day and you’re either celebrating or well….crying.

Whichever it may be, direct your tax whoas into a power-house workout and get your endorphins flowing!

Here’s what I did today.  I used 15# dumbbells and a stability ball.  That’s all you need for this head to toe workout.

And yes, if you’ll read the fine print, you’ll notice that I finished off this resistance workout with an all out cardio finisher to go for a little extra burn.

I watched a little Food Network TV {there’s something oddly wrong with that}, it took me about 55 minutes to do this workout and I burned a whopping 505 calories doing it!  After the second round, I kept telling myself “just one more round” and it was oh so worth it.

And on a completely random side note I found a neat way to store and pour my chia seeds.

Here is how I bought them from The Fresh Market.

Not really a conducive way of storing and pouring.  The lid wouldn’t stay on very tight and it’s not very handy for pouring on my morning oatmeal.

But….drum roll please!  Voila!  Check this out!  I used an empty coffee creamer container, washed it and dried it really well and then added my chia seeds!  How cool is that!?  Now it pours perfectly and simply snap the flip top lid to close it!  Love!

Happy.  Happy.  Happy.

Hope you have a happy Monday!


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