A balanced life.

What do those three words mean to you?

While I typically favor an ‘all or nothing’ type of lifestyle, I’ve had to learn the hard way that it’s not healthy for me to live to such extreme.  I also discovered by trying to live by a certain list of rules and regulations that I immediately set myself up for failure.

Specifically I had to learn that with my ‘diet’ and eating habits.  And sadly, the more weight loss classes I teach, I’m finding that my students attempt to live by the same set of statutes….and with that yo-yo dieting and up and down with weight gain and weight loss happens.

Just last week in week 11 of one of the 12 week course, one of my students frantically asked me about eating birthday cake for an upcoming birthday celebration.  Her words were, “What do I do?  Can I substitute ingredients?”  My answer to her, “eat a piece cake!”  And my explanation to my reply was simple.  “You can’t go the rest of your life without eating a piece of birthday cake!”  It’s about balance and moderation, not about a list of can’s and can’ts and feeling guilty just because we eat something we’ve not labeled as healthy!  It was almost instantly I could see the relief come over her and she smiled and said, “Ok”.

Now certainly I’ve covered the unhealthy truths about sugar and saturated fats, etc., and I’m certainly not condoning eating a ginormous piece of cake and eating a piece of cake everyday, but one small piece to celebrate a birthday!?  It’s called LIFE and I want you to enjoy it without being burdened with guilt over every food choice you are faced with everyday.  Nor do I want to be defined by my diet or live by a labeled diet.  I simply want to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Another citation I frequently tell my students is that “one bad day out of a 100 does not a failure make.” So you make an unhealthy decision one day?  No problem, just make the next choice a better one.

And smile when you do it.


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