Consider this post to be highly educational my blogger friends as I’m going to share with you some interesting facts I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks.

Fact # 1.  Bounce Dryer Sheets can be used for more than softening your clothes.

Do you remember Uncle John?  He gave us the pigeon chicken coop that set in motion our adopting and raising all these chickens we now have.  It is also Uncle John who recently told us to rub ourself down with Bounce Dryer Sheets to help keep the gnats, mosquitos and other bugs off of us while we run. Because Uncle John knows things that the typical American doesn’t and shouldn’t know, it’s usually best to heed his advice.

As the temperature  continues to rise and summer months approach, the gnats are almost unbearable to deal with.  I actually posted about it last year as we fought keeping them out of our ears, nose and mouth during our runs!   You can bet we were more than willing to give this dryer sheet phenomenon a try.

The first day we tried it, we only took one sheet with us.  We each rubbed it all over our arms, heads, legs, etc and then Clark proceeded to tuck it under his shirt collar.  But before long, as we passed each other while running, we were also passing that dryer sheet off to each other like a relay baton trying to keep the bugs off!

Last week while we were running, my Boo drove past us in the car and what I didn’t realize then was that she was snapping a picture of me.  Here is the text I got from her later that evening.

If you’re wondering if they actually work at keeping the bugs off!  Absolutely!  So if you pass me on the road and you see a dryer sheet flapping from under my shirt, you’ll know I’m bug-free.

Fact # 2.  Hank is a bird dog but doesn’t eat chicken.

Yes, this is true.  After having chickens for more than a year now, Hank has always been fascinated with them.  He’ll circle their pen trying to keep up with them and at times, just sit and stare at them.  (I know, he’s probably pointing them and wishing he could just have at least one).  But here lately every time we go inside, he stands at the door wanting to go in, too.

This week we let him.  Say wuh?

Yep.  We did.  He’s such a smart dog and actually obeys better than my own children, so what the heck…let’s satisfy his curiosity and see what happens.  (Now you’re probably thinking, ‘curiosity killed the cat, ya know’).

He slowly entered the house sniffing everything along the way, then made his way out into the pen. At first the chickens wanted to peck him, but after a few minutes didn’t pay him any attention.

He just sat there.  Looking at the chickens.  Looking at me.  Looking at Clark.  Nothing happened.  He yawned and finally sat down as if he was thinking ‘like, ‘okay…is this it?’  So now, it’s been more of a routine for him to go into the chicken pen with us at feeding time.

Fact # 3.  Apple Pie Spice can last up to 29 years.

You heard it here first.  I pulled this gem from the pantry last week and sure ‘nuf … an expire date of July 1984.  And yes, I sprinkled it on my oatmeal that morning for breakfast and I’m still here to tell you about it.  And just in case you’re out of cinnamon one day and you happen to find an old can of apple pie spice in the back of your cabinet, you’ll thank me for this post!   Hola!

Fact # 4.  There is a fish called an Alligator Gar and it’s not related to alligators.

How do I know this?  My son and a friend caught one recently while fishing the Tombigbee River. Needless to say when they went to pull their limb line up, they were not expecting to find this 6 foot plus, 100 pound Alligator Gar on the end of that line.  While they do resemble alligators with their long snout and teeth, no, they are not related to them at all.

Fact # 5.  You better learn to ‘like’ your spouse, not just ‘love’ them.  

As the kids continue to live by their own schedule, Clark and I have to find more ways to enjoy spending time with each other.  He’s been telling me for the past few years, “you better start learning to like me, ’cause it’s going to be just the two of us before long”.  And my oh my how that time is come.  The oldest will be moving away to college soon and the other will begin her senior year in high school.  So needless to say, it’s the two of us here alone more so than it’s the four of us here together.

And that’s exactly where we were this weekend.  Each of the kids were doing their own thing so Clark and I decided to take the boat out for an evening ride.  Staying on the river and in the woods is something Clark has always done while I’ve never really had the, eh hem…desire to set the alarm for 4 am to go sit in a cold tree stand or in a boat fishing somewhere.  But since losing his dad and now his only other hunting and fishing buddy moving away to college, guess who will be filling those shoes?  Yep.  So…with a pb & j sandwich in hand, a bottle of water and a smile on my face, we set out to the river to ride.

And I’m so glad I did.

Clark was like a tour guide showing me the sights along the river bank and telling me stories of his many times spent there.  Just like running is my stress relief, the minute the boat took speed and a little bit of river water splashed on us, you could see any bit of stress leave him as well.

Sometimes a one hour boat ride is worth it.  And maybe next time I’ll set my clock early to do it.


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  1. what a fascinating tip about the dryer sheets. and so glad you survived to tell us about the apple pie spice. impressive! 😉

  2. So fun! I am now on tin foil for fabric sheet softener! I wrote about it on my blog & it works!

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