In honor of my Auburn Tigers and to help allieviate  my stress wish them good luck in today’s SEC Championship game, I’ve created a Full Body Workout Tabata.

I’ve done this workout before and let me warn you, it’s a killa!  Use the weight you’re most comfortable with, but yet gives you the best resistance.  This Full Body Workout Tabata encompasses cardio and resistance which will burn fat like crazy all while building lean muscle!

So the next time your favorite team is playing, do this workout before……or after the game….whichever is more appropriate…and in some cases both!


Who’s your favorite football team?


2 Comments on Full Body Workout ~ Tiger Tabata

  1. War Eagle!!! What a ride. An Auburn graduate here, and I’ll be trying this workout. Here we come BCS championship!

    • War Eagle to you as well, Susan! Let me know how you like the workout! 🙂

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