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For those who know me well know that I am a gadget freak.  Although I’m terrible at math I love numbers.  I know it’s weird.  So being selected to review the Under Armour Armour39 Heart Rate Monitor  definitely made me squeal.  I mean seriously, pair a gadget that calculates calories burned while providing your real-time heart rate feed and the intensity of your workout with a geeky, gadgety numbers kinda girl and it’s a match made in Heaven!  It even measures your WILLpower of your workout giving your a score from 0.0 to 10.0 depending on the intensity of your workout.

Armour39 heart rate monitor by Under Armour
Armour39 heart rate monitor by Under Armour

The strap is exceptionally wider than most straps, comfortable and also stays securely in place during my workouts.  It’s this disk that plugs into the chest strap and syncs with the Armour39 iPhone app to provide your actual workout data.  If I had one suggestion, it would be to have an ‘off and on’ switch on this disk as opposed to taking it out after every workout.  Leaving it in the strap itself warns against depleting battery life and I’m afraid I’ll lose the disk!


What sets this heart rate monitor apart is that I didn’t have to be standing right over my phone for it to continue recording my workout….giving me the freedom to run about and still know I was getting a consistent reading.  This is because the information is stored for up to 90 minutes in case you forget your phone or simply don’t want to worry about keeping up with it during your workout.  It will sync the data once it’s back in range!  How awesome is that!?

Perfect weather for an outdoor workout!
Perfect weather for an outdoor workout!

For this workout I included a bit of strength and cardio mix and here are just a few of the exercises I incorporated into the workout.  Hank and Annie Bell also enjoyed exercising with me.


And here are my workout results.  There are several screens to swipe through to view a more detailed workout history so you’ll know exactly where you’re most intensity was exhausted and where you’ll need to push harder.  I don’t think this is to shabby for my first and definitely sets a standard for my future workouts!


So ultimately, yes I love this product and I can’t wait to incorporate it into different workouts….and next time I’m shooting for a WILLPower of at least 6.0!  😉

Do you use a heart rate for monitor for working out and motivation?

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