If you’re new to supplementation, trying to decide what to take can be extremely confusing.  Just going to the drug store or pharmacy isle and reading so many bottles,  brands, sizes and doses can really make you turn around and walk right back out the door without purchasing anything at all!

A few questions I frequently get asked are “What vitamins do you take everyday?” and secondly “Why do I need to take vitamins?”  So let’s talk about that more in detail here shall we?  😉

Why do I need to take vitamins?
Well if you are one who has a consistent diet of whole grains, 8-10 servings of green veggies, fruits, fiber and lean protein everyday, then you’re one of the few who may not need to supplement everyday.  But we all know that most of us are too busy to give that much thought to our everyday nutrition.  We try, but it’s just hard to hit the mark sometimes…. so therefore we supplement.

Supplement:  something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

And that’s exactly what a supplement is meant to do–enhance–not replace.  Huge difference there!

Also the RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance suggested by the FDA are simply the minimum amounts to prevent actual vitamin deficiencies…not to reach optimal wellness.  And I’m not satisfied with just the minimum….I prefer optimal wellness!

Just a few of the benefits from taking vitamins!
Just a few of the benefits from taking vitamins!

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What vitamins and supplements do you take?
Here are a few of the basics I take everyday:

Vitamin B
An Antioxidant

Isotonic Vitmins for maximum absorption and results.
Isotonic Vitmins for maximum absorption and results.


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It is my humble opinion everyone could benefit from a good multivitamin.  Regardless of how well we do try to eat, our food source and soil is just not the same as it was fifty years ago when our great grandparents were growing their own food.  It’s sad to say that most of our food ‘crops’ come from a temperature-controlled warehouse and ‘enriched’ with protein additives, preservatives and growth hormones.

When choosing a good multivitamin, it’s critically important that you read the labels–not necessarily the vitamin amounts and percentages, but the actual ingredient list itself.  There are way too many vitamins on the market today that contain hydrogenated oils, trans fat, harmful food coloring additives and synthetic binders and fillers.  We prefer Isotonix vitamins because of their quick absorption and natural ingredients.  Because they are absorbed into the bloodstream so quickly, I honestly feel the results that much quicker too!  Nor do I have to swallow and handful of horse pills!

Because dairy can be hard to digest, mucous producing and higher in saturated fats, I prefer to supplement my calcium…and because of this isotonic delivery, this calcium doesn’t cause the stomach upset that a typical calcium pill normally does.  Not only is calcium needed for bone health, but also strong teeth!  Did you know that if you are deficient in calcium, the first place your body will pull that calcium from is your teeth?  And it’s not just us wiser middle-aged adults who need calcium support.  Calcium can improve bone mass in growing children and young adults, too!  An important note to know about Calcium is that our body can only absorb about 350mg in one serving so taking anything above that and in excess is not necessary.  Simply split your doses morning and night for best absorption.  😉

Vitamin B
This is one of my favorites!  Vitamin B improves mood, helps with stress management by supporting the adrenal glands (the glands responsible for releasing the stress hormone called Cortisol), and increases energy.  This Vitamin B Complex also contains all of the essential B vitamins our body needs.

OPC is also one of my favorites.  It contains a powerful ingredient called Pycnogenol aka Pine Bark Extract.

Dr. Oz talks about Pycnogenol for ‘younger looking skin’.

OPC also contains Grape Seed Extract, Red Wine Extract, Bilberry Extract and Citrus Extract and some of its benefits include:

  • powerful antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • helps maintain healthy cholesterol and heart health
  • immune support
  • sinus support

Here’s a quick video that explains these four of my favorites more in detail.


And if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my many #drinkyourvitamins pictures.  Because these are all isotonic, I mix all four first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to experience their maximum absorption and benefits….and they taste great!

drinkyourvitamins_themoreirun drinkyourvitamins2_themoreirun

Coming up next:  Exercise and Supplements.

Do you take vitamins everyday?  What’s your favorite?

2 Comments on Basic Vitamin Supplements

  1. You have me interested in OPC now! I’ve never heard of it… I’ll have to look into it some more! I take a multivitamin and fish oil every day. My multivitamin is the Women’s One A Day Energy, I really notice a difference when I forget to take it.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Hi Samantha! I’d love to chat with you about it when you get a chance. The OPC and the Isotonic delivery is like none other! 🙂

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