Uhhhh…yes, you read that correctly.  Little ‘ole me, from a little spot on a country, dirt road, featured in a national magazine.  Can you say cra cra!?

Several months ago, a freelance writer from Better Homes and Gardens magazine emailed and asked if she could write a success story feature about me running my first 5k after 40?  Being the skeptic I am, I had to do some internet searching to make sure this was legit.  Wouldn’t you?!  ‘Cause here’s a reminder…it’s just me and my husband who run together a few times a week on a country dirt road..simply to get some exercise and spend time together.  I’ve never even considered myself a “real runner”.  I don’t run fast, I don’t run very far and I don’t have a wall decorated with hundreds of running bibs and medals.  Again, this is just me we’re talking about here.

So after realizing this was the real deal, I obviously obliged her request and we set up a phone appointment for an interview.  Have I mentioned how crazy this is!?  During the interview I felt like I rambled on and on, making no sense whatsoever, to which she reassured me she wanted to know as much information as she could learn so she could write a complete story.  And after 45 minutes she probably found out more than she want evvvver wanted to know about me!  🙂

So, if you have a extra minute or make a trip to the bookstore, and if you wander on back to the publications section, you may find an article about a 40 something year old woman who runs.  Yes runs. Even if it’s slow, even if it’s not very far and even if it’s just on a dusty old dirt road.

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  1. Kendra Wexler says:

    Way to go. I totally understand our you feel. I’m a 50+ yr old who only took up running the summer of 2012. I to do not run fast. I know your so proud! So way to go!! Be proud! A run is a run, the speed doesn’t matter 😉

  2. I read the article which is how I found your blog! I am a 51 year old woman who just took up running last year. I’ve run several 5Ks now and signed up for my first 10K in Sept. I run slow too and if I can do it, anyone can.

  3. Hi, Samantha! That’s how I found your blog!! I love that you just get out there and get it done. What an inspiration you are to all of us. You may have me inspired to actually sign up – and train – for a 5 k in November/December. Thanks!

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