Just a few weeks ago, Clark and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.  With no shame, I posted an old picture of us on Facebook and Instagram.  It definitely received several comments and from what I’ve been told, several laughs.  Now granted, I admit it does deserve a ton of laughs!

I really don’t have an adequate adjective to describe our hotness, mod, retro style back then:  the 80’s. Yes, I was a teen of the 80’s and for what I thought, rocked it out pretty well.  😉

But before I post the ‘before’ we were married, must-take-a-picture-before-every-date-picture and looooong before iPhone pictures, I’ll post the ‘after’ 23 years later picture.

After many marital struggles, after a scary pregnancy and delivery, after cancer, after surgeries, after two children, after surgeries with one child, after traveling the country together (38 states to date btw), after deaths and sorrow, after learning what it’s really like to spend 24/7 with another person, becoming best friends and really learning to live together…here’s the after.


And here’s the before.

No words.


How about side by side.

after23years_themoreirunI’m not certain those are the same people?  I know, I told you it well deserves gaudy, snorting, grunting out loud laughter.  I laugh every time I look at it.

I’ll post our next anniversary picture again in another 23 years.

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