Last weekend I attended my company’s annual International Convention in Greensboro, NC. Greensboro is about a 10 or so hour drive for us, so packing healthy travel essentials and snacks for the road was a must!  There were five of us traveling together so we even packed a large cooler for our cold drinks and snacks.  Hola!

Healthy Travel Snacks for the Road!
Healthy Travel Snacks for the Road!

A few of my must have favorites are almonds, almond butter, granola and granola bars, vitamin travel packs, fruit, almond milk and I even threw in a few boiled eggs!

Just a few of my favorite snacks to pack for travel!
Just a few of my favorite snacks to pack for travel!

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And for such a long drive, Awake energy drinks was also a necessity.

Awake Energy Shots


Ummm…yes, that’s my mom way back in the back seat-she tagged along for the ride to visit relatives while we were at the conference.  Huge score for her!

Our conference went from Thursday to Saturday with early mornings into the late evening, so using the hotel gym was impossible, but the hotel room made for a perfect workout area!

An on the go, hotel room bodyweight workout.
An on the go, hotel room bodyweight workout.

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I can’t express enough how energized and recharged I am for my business every time we return from one of the two major events each year.  This Convention was so inspiring and full of information to help us grow our business and become successful.  I love this company.  This event affirmed in me that these are the folks I want to be associated with: a family owned business that genuinely have great care and affection for its business owners.  Our company’s founder gave God full credit for allowing him to start this business 22 years ago and credited it to a divine leading.  The same handful of people who started with him and helped him grow the company are still those same folks with him today.  That speaks volumes to me alone.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the event.

The event opened by honoring our country.


Jamie Foxx gave us a  impromptu, rock-star concert.


The new TLS Find Your Fit Challenge was announced.

Email me for details on the TLS Find Your Fit Challenge!
Email me for details on the TLS Find Your Fit Challenge!

Duane McLaughlin sang his new single Prove You Right.  (Duane is the son in law to the founder and he and his wife are the creators of the DNA Miracles infant line of products).


But my favorite part of it all was having my husband go along with me for support and a few of my team members who were also able to go.  I love these people and am so thankful to have them in my life.


What I don’t have pictures of are the hundreds of testimonies shared by so many of how their lives have been changed.  Whether it be in health because of our amazing Isotonix products or in wealth because of our one of a kind business model.  To be surrounded by 20,000 like-minded entrepreneurs will make you bullet proof for sure!

Don’t be trapped by your fear of failure, but yet be driven by your desire to succeed.


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