I must confess that we didn’t run much at all during the Summer.  I’m too old for such heat, as well as, hot flashes and 95+ degree weather just doesn’t go very well together.  Although I did miss it, I must also confess that it was a nice break.  I used to feel guilty for not running more, but I don’t know why?? That doesn’t even make sense?  No one was making me feel guilty or who was I feeling guilty too?  Enjoy the break, let go of the negative self-talk and move on!

But now that the temperature is cooling off and it feels soooo nice out, we enjoyed a couple of runs last week.

We took a morning run while at the beach last weekend and then walked the shoreline back to our cabin. That was super fine.

Running along the beaches of Gulf Shores is one of my favorites.
Running along the beaches of Gulf Shores is one of my favorites.

Then another day last week, we actually set our clock to get up early before work to get in a run.  Again, totally worth it.

But this morning run with cooler temperatures comes in a good second.
But this morning run with cooler temperatures comes in a good second.

I presented a Wellness Program to a small group of ladies.  This presentation takes about an hour or so and provides more info about getting healthy, naturally with vitamins and supplementation. After all, our bodies naturally contain nutrients and minerals…not foreign chemicals and other fake stuff that prescriptions and other medications may contain.

Going to do what I LOVE doing and that's sharing info on how to get healthier, naturally!
Going to do what I LOVE doing and that’s sharing info on how to get healthier, naturally!

While taking our break from running, I really worked on resistance and strength gains for which I have grown to love.  I know I don’t lift very heavy, nor do I have a set of six-pack abs …a 2 liter maybe, but definitely not a 6 pack ; ) … but I feel more fit and healthier now than I ever have.  Just five years ago, I was merely watching from the sidelines while everyone else exercised and ran and seemed to be full of energy.  And now.  Never, ever, ever, never would you have told me that today I’d be teaching weight loss and be a certified personal trainer teaching boot camp!  Did I say never!?  I mean really, I’ve never even participated in an exercise class because I’ve never been one to enjoy group fitness.  But now, leading by example and showing these other women that they too can become healthier and feel fit at any age?  Wow!  All I can say is Wow and  I am very blessed!

Here is our ladies boot camp class.  We meet once a week for an hour before our TLS class begins. These ladies are getting stronger each week, all while getting healthier on the inside, too.  I love it!  Side note–the lady on the front row, left–has lost 75 pounds.  Woop!


I’ve also been experimenting with new recipes and eats.  Now I can’t take credit for all of the recipes; it’s what I’ve found since my rediscovery of Pinterest.  😉  Here is what I’ve come up with.

Spinach salad topped with slices of smoked salmon and boiled eggs.  Yes, it tastes as good as it looks.


Pan seared salmon with a buttery, lime sauce and sweet potato fries and green beans on the side.  While this salmon may not look as appealing, trust me, it was divine–sent straight from Heaven.


Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers.  While these were very tasty (and spicy), they didn’t make for a good burger.  Note to self:  when the recipe calls for only one chipotle pepper, don’t use three.  I think I’m going to crumble them and serve in a tortilla or over a rice bowl instead….or with breakfast in omelets. Hello, great idea!


And finally, Crock Pot Chipotle Pulled Chicken.  This was super easy and tasty.  Dump everything into crockpot and voila!  I’ve used this chicken several times, with scrambled eggs, as well as over salads. Note to self:  use my ‘real’ camera more often.


There you have it!  That’s what my week was like!

Do you have some cool, easy recipes to share!?

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