Oh December, where did you come from?  How did you happen?  Christmas is in the month of December, right?  This month, this year has been a blur and out of nowhere it’s soon coming to an end.  Another year?  Really?  I’m not sure if I’m ready for 2015.  It’s just so weird.  2015 is like the Jetson age….it’s so futuristic isn’t it??

Any who.  With all of that, my life has been chaos these past few weeks.  I feel totally out of control and I don’t like it.  None.  Natta.  My daughter put up the Christmas tree…. which is beautiful by the way….she added her own personality and I love it! But her words regarding the tree?  “Well, I knew if it was going to be put up, then I had to do it!”  The problem with this is that it’s true!  I’ve not even thought about it! I’ve seriously not even had time to think about putting it up!  Sadly enough, the front porch and house decorations that she dragged out of the attic are still sitting on the un-decorated front porch.  I suppose I’ll just return those back to the attic after Christmas when all settles down again.  :/


My baby brother also got married this month.  Another whirlwind.  We had eight weeks to plan (thanks, Ed) and yours truly, along with my daughter were the wedding planners, wedding coordinators, wedding everything people.  And when I say everything, I mean everything.  The day was beautiful though and so worth it all.  I’m so in love with my crazy, bad-episode-like Seinfeld family and the day couldn’t have been more perfect and special.  What I hate to even admit to you though is that I didn’t take one picture.  Nope.  Not even one of the table decor or gorgeous floral arrangements or even the mason jar lanterns we hung from the trees.  Not even one.  I didn’t have time!  Thankfully my sister in law was in charge of all wedding photos!  (PS:  She’s an awesome photographer if you’re in the Birmingham area!)


I do have BIG News to share with you!  After much consideration, I’ve painstakingly decided to change the name of my blog.  I know right!  I can’t believe it!  The More I Run is like my third child and how do I change the name of one of my children!?  I can’t imagine giving that up, but since it’s inception in 2010 it’s grown to be so much more than just about running.  I want the new name and soon to be new logo to reflect all that it has grown to become.  Hopefully it will launch soon after the new year and I cannot wait to see it all come together!

Also, get ready as new Weight Loss Coaching classes and possibly even (Bootcamp Groups-insert big girl squeal) will begin again in January!  I’m so excited to get those started and to share the different programs with you to meet you specifically where you are and your unique needs!

Are you willing to make a change in the new year!?  Do it for you!  

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 12.59.08 AM

2015 is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 12.58.19 AM

Merry Christmas internet family…from my family to yours!




Important Announcement!  The blog will go down for its makeover on December 29th and will relaunch with it’s brand new name and look on January 5th!

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  1. Tina Stone says:

    Well this is exciting and I’m looking forward to the new blog changes. Merry Christmas to you also.

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