I’m so glad you’re here!  Changing my blog from The More I Run was definitely a difficult decision!  The More I Run has been like a child to me that I’ve coddled, fed and nurtured since its birth in 2010, so changing her name and giving her a total re-haul was tough!  But…I also need to live by my own words, step out of my comfort zone and welcome the change.  We’ll never move forward if we keep standing in one place all the time!  I decided to change the name to TeamSam Fitness simply because I have grown and evolved to so much more than what I felt The More I Run was offering.  While I do love running, my blog has become so much more than just running.  So with that I felt it was time to give it a fresher, newer look that speaks not only to running, but also to my health coaching, personal training, weight loss services and really more overall fitness.   In the new design, I wanted something a little cleaner and easy to navigate, but yet addressed all that I offer and blog about.  I’m really pleased with the result and I hope you are too!


What is TeamSam Fitness?
I’m glad you asked!?  🙂  TeamSam Fitness was created because I have a passion and a calling to teach other women how to live their healthiest life possible.  It saddens me to see women of any age shackled by their unhealthy lifestyles.  I believe that so much of this is a personal choice~all as a result of poor lifestyle choices.  I also believe that the majority of those women don’t want to live that way, but simply don’t know where to begin or what to do to stay healthy.    They you may follow the latest and greatest diet plan, but then become discouraged when there’s lack of support or education oh how to keep the weight off….and to be honest, those so-called end all diet plans are typically an unrealistic way of long term living and just downright hard to follow.  Does all this sound familiar?  I totally get it.  I understand and that’s why I’m here!  I want to help!

I offer one on one health and weight loss coaching, group coaching and personal training programs, along with free workouts and other articles addressing anything from Stress and Weight Gain, The Importance of Heart Health to taking you along for My Colonoscopy.  You can find these articles and more on the Start Here page.  You can also read more about me on the Meet Sam page and how I started my own personal journey to health.

Thanks again for stopping by.  I look forward to drinking a cup of coffee with ya!

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    i would like to receive email updates

    • Wonderful! Thanks for being a reader! To get on the TeamSam mailing list, simply click on the subscribe links above or the “join TeamSam” link above each post and submit your name and email address. Thanks again!

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