I’ve never been one to listen to music while I run or workout…call me un-American, yes I know, but the music always seems to be more distracting than motivating.  Until now.

I recently created a Christian music workout playlist to listen to and it totally rocked my workout!  Why have I never thought of doing this!?  This music made my spirit and my workout come alive!

Christian Music Workout Playlist


Here’s the list I put together.

Shooby by Nicole C. Mullen
Dance Dance Dance by Mandisa
God is Great by Travis Cottrell

Alive Forever Amen by Travis Cottrell
My Deliverer by Mandisa
Your Grace is Enough by Chris Tomlin

Overcomer by Mandisa

One Word by tobyMac
Shackles by Mandisa
Consuming Fire by Third Day

Reckless by Jeremy Camp

and lastly I like Victorious by Mandisa for a yoga cool down.


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Do you listen to music while your run or workout?  What’s some of your favorites?




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