I originally shared this post on December 1, 2010 and when talking to someone recently about our 2015 life goals, I remembered my own bucket list and thought it time to revisit…just to see what I can check off the list.  As I was reading back over it I realized some of those goals have changed and some I can actually remove completely.  Funny how I’ve found myself evolving into what’s really important and matters to me today and as I read over this list, I’m thinking of more goals I’d like to add to it!

Here we go, shall we?

The way I see it, I hope to have  at least 40 more years of my life to complete these 40 life goals.

1.  write a book  I’ve written an ebook.  It may not be a Barnes and Noble best seller, but it’s a start. 😉

2.  speak to a large audience of women  I’ve don’t know if the ladies I speak to now would qualify as a “large audience”, but again, it’s a start.  I’d really love to one day speak to thousands.  

4.  learn to speak Spanish  Hummmm…I may need to rethink this one.

5.  parachute from an airplane  This is def still on my bucket list; it may just have to wait a while.

6.  read my Bible daily, consistently  Some weeks are better than others. 

7.  open a boutique photography studio Being I have retired my professional photography business, this one can come off the list.

8.  invent something  Eh?  Maybe.  I suppose if I’m going to invent something, I better start thinking more about what to invent.

9.  see all 50 states  This one definitely stays–We’ve seen 38 thus far and I do plan on seeing them all one day.

10.  mentor a teenage girl  This one–yes I think and hope I’ve accomplished.  

11.  win a contest  I guess I need to enter a contest to actually win a contest.  This one’s an iffy.

12.  exercise on a daily, okay regular, basis This is a big Yes! for which I’m extremely proud!

13.  inspire someone I hope I have.

14.  visit NYC at Christmas.  This one stays, too…a definite yes.

15.  photograph a celebrity (portrait or wedding) Maybe not a real celebrity, but I have photographed a few politicians (including our state senator), but just like the other photographer goals, this one can come off.

16.  photograph an international destination wedding I’m taking this off, but if someone asked and although I’m retired, I’d probably consent.

17.  be less critical This will probably always stay on the list.  I’m a work in progress.

18.  improve my business savvy  I hope so.

19.  organize better Maybe.  I’d better leave it…it needs more work.

20.  get published in a high end wedding magazine Not necessarily in what one may classify as high end, but my photography has been published in a wedding magazine a few times.  More importantly to me now is that rather than my work being published, *I* was featured in a magazine. 

21.  remodel my kitchen This one needs to be moved to the top of the list!

22.  attend a photography workshop Don’t care to and don’t plan to.

23.  invest in the stock market Maybe one day when I become debt free-see #39?

24.  create a promotion video for my business I’d still like to do this but for my fitness business.

25.  flip a house  This one also stays.  I would love to flip a house (with JoJo’s help, of course)!

26.  master crazy lighting skills especially during full sun I had actually gotten pretty good at this one.

27.  increase the daily visits to my website Working on this everyday!

28.  buy a mac computer Yes, and will never ever go back to a PC.

29.  get sponsored Would love this, too!

30.  go on a mission trip with my family Yes, would love this, too!

31.  work at Yellowstone National Park for one Summer Retirement maybe?

32.  photograph a woman battling cancer Am planning on this.

33.  replace the bedroom carpet with hardwood I’m not sure about hardwood, but I still need to replace the old carpet.

34.  complete my branding and marketing materials for each of my markets I’ve done this for my current business.

35.  actually commit to and complete the 365 project I’ve tried this…more than once…and makes me laugh to read it.

36.  go projection with my portraits and senior work

37.  organize all of my personal photos I’ve actually gotten a start on this, but it’s time to catch it up again.

38.  travel to Alaska Oh yes, yes, this will happen for sure.

39.  become debt free  I’m counting on this too, hopefully sooner than later.

40.  accomplish something great This will always be here because I don’t ever want to stop learning, stop growing and stop accomplishing great things.


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