Before we delve into the infamous debate on whether to detox or not to detox, let’s first get a basic definition of what it is.  Detox refers to the removal of toxic substances.  Now what does that really mean as far as we’re concerned in regards to actually detoxing our body?  And why does our body even need detoxing anyway?  When we detox the body, we’re basically cleaning the blood and removing toxic waste from the tissues and the liver, kidneys and intestines (where our filtering and elimination of these wastes takes place).

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I know you’ve heard about it, along with the many different types of cleanses one can do:  juice cleanse, the cabbage soup cleanse, sugar cleanse and so on.  But what I’m talking about is a basic cleanse where, for seven days, you get back to the basics of eating real food–no preservatives, no sugar, no oils and fats–simple, clean, real food.


Why do I need to detox?

Because of years of of consuming a diet consisting of preservatives, junk food, glutens, saturated fats and refined sugars that literally has clogged our system.  When we don’t eliminate those toxins, they build up in our blood and tissues which may set off small wildfires in the body in the form of inflammation, sickness and disease.  Consider this >> our colon is not a solid pipe, but rather semi-permeable meaning that whatever build-up is clung to the colon walls can leak out into the body and tissues. Imagine stretching a pantyhose between two people and stuffing it with American’s typical, daily diet.  What do you think it would look like by the end of the day?  Ewww…. So now you see why emptying those pipes on a regular, daily basis is critical?

My Top 5 Reasons to Detox
My Top 5 Reasons to Detox

Do you need to detox?  If you’re experiencing any of these issues then you may need to consider a detox.

  • low energy
  • increased fatigue
  • skin issues/rashes
  • constipation/diarrhea or other stomach issues
  • upper respiratory, allergies or other sinus problems
  • slow metabolism
  • weight loss plateau
  • inflammatory conditions

What does a detox do?

  • cleanses the blood, liver, colon, tissues and lymphatic system
  • improves elimination of toxins through the skin, kidneys, intestines
  • reduces carbohydrate and sugar cravings
  • changes your taste–yes, for real it does  🙂

How do I detox?

Here are the basic detox rules and tips I follow.  The average weight loss my clients have experienced with this detox is 5-15 pounds.


Tell me!  Have you ever done a 7 Day Detox or cleanse before?

2 Comments on What is Detox and Why it’s Important

  1. Sure, what we put into our bodies can definitely affect our energy levels, ease of elimination (ya know poop!), and inflammation, but saying that by not eating grains, fats, sugar…. will directly “cleanse” our blood, lymphatic system, and digestive system just isn’t physiologically/metabolically accurate. Besides it’s the job of our kidneys and liver to remove toxins from our bodies, and we typically eliminate via the GI system every 72 or so hours. Besides, fruit is sugar. It’s a better source than table sugar, but it’s still fructose. Although, I totally agree that eating less highly processed foods can be really beneficial to health, this whole cleanse idea is just bunk.

    • Hey Rebecca! Thanks so much or your input. I totally understand your apprehension as I used to feel the same way. It was only until I saw physical results from a simple 7 day cleanse and the so many positive benefits which resulted from it that I realized it was something to it. While a detox is totally optional with the health programs I offer, most students choose to do it and report sleeping better, feeling better, more energy and less aches and pains…just to name a few…all usually before the full 7 days is up. And while I also agree that it’s our kidneys and lymphatic system’s job to cleanse the body, I’ve found that they need a break too from all the work we tend to put them thru. 🙂

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