Clean Eating.  I know the word is used in conversation these days as much as the word ‘diet’ is used, but what does it really mean?

Clean eating is simply eating real food rather than boxed food trying to pretend to be food.  Clean, real food not necessarily manufactured in a warehouse or on an assembly line.  No I don’t live by a label, nor am I an extremist, but I do prefer eating food from the earth and other natural sources instead of chemically derived, preservative-filled, fake food.

An example of a better choice of eating real food instead of fake food would be these Egg and Veggie Breakfast Muffins. They’re super easy to make and a much better option than a frozen food, grocery store selection.  You can find the recipe here.

Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Muffins
Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Muffins

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And here’s a ‘clean eating’ shopping list to make it a bit easier for you on your next grocery shopping trip.  There’s a free printable version below!  😉


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