A couple of other TLS Coaches and I had a blast last weekend in Atlanta attending a 2 Day training specifically for teaching and coaching our weight loss program, Transitions Lifestyle Solution.  If I could describe the weekend in one word, it would be empowering.  I left there feeling like I can change the world!  It totally grounded me and reminded me why I do what I do and that is to help and empower other women in feeling their best and being their healthiest.  In the past three years of teaching classes and working one on one with so many women, I found that once women feel better, their entire quality of life also changes for the better.  It reminded me that what we’ve been given is a gift that only deserves to be shared and given to others.


I’ve also learned that once they set their mind to something they are unstoppable! I’ve been so blessed to watch change happen right before my eyes as they lose weight, feel better, get stronger and become empowered. When they realize they can achieve anything, it’s like watching them bust out of the chains they’ve been shackled by for way too long and their self esteem explodes! For the first time they are excited by just being them and I’m so thankful to be a part of it!


My partners in crime for the weekend, Coach Janie, Coach Val and yours truly.


The entire group.


[Tweet “My weekend of @TLSweightloss Training in Atlanta and working out in the hotel gym kicked my TLS bootie!”]

And of course I had to give the hotel gym a try and do a little workout.  At first I wondered if I could get a good, sweaty workout in a hotel gym, but hola, this 8×8 room kicked my butt!  I started with the cable machine and worked upper and lower body finishing with a one mile run on the treadmill.  On night two, I again did a full body on the cable machine and finished with 3 minute sprints on the treadmill alternating with cable squats/shoulder presses finishing up on the treadmill.  This workout = could barely walk out of the gym.  😉


In the words of our TLS Trainer, “Instead of saying I can’t, say I won’t.  It totally changes your perspective”.  


Happy Wednesday Friends!

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