Here’s your FitFriday workout for the week and while at first you may think it looks a bit easy, using a stability ball can definitely give you some good muscle burn and get your heart rate up!

This stability ball workout is a total body, heart racing, metabolic, strength building workout!  (Say that fast three times!)

This week I don’t have a set number of rounds for you to do, but rather you do As Many Rounds as Possible, hence the term AMRAP.  After a good, wake up your muscles 5 minute warm up, do as many rounds as you can with 10 reps of each exercise. AMRAPs can be a great tool to check your progress because you’re not competing with anyone but yourself.  The first time you do this workout, don’t fret if all you can do is 3 rounds (or less), because the next time you do it, you may can do more!?  Get it!? Just keep at it until you’re progressing and can increase the number of rounds!  <3


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Let me know how you like it and Happy Friday!

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