Meal Prep — if you’ve been in the weight loss/fitness environment for even a day, you’ve heard the words meal prep.  I also preach teach about being prepared and planning ahead in my own weight loss coaching program.  I also bet you’ve heard this phrase a few times, too.


While yes, planning ahead and being prepared is crucial to your success, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  For some, meal prepping may be setting aside a couple (or more) hours on a off day to cook up several meals and food varieties for the week, but for me, I found that I didn’t even have the time to do that and had to find a way that worked for me.  So that’s what I’m sharing with you today: small, bite-size things I’ve done to make planning ahead pretty do-able for my busy life.

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Meal Prep & Planning Ahead for Busy Women by TeamSam Fitness


When you’re thinking of meal prep, just simply start thinking about thinking ahead.  Just thinking about the words “meal prep” (for some) can be confusing and stressful, immediately creating thoughts of “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know how”.  So instead, anytime you’re cooking for one meal, just think ahead and plan towards the next meal or couple of meals.  Get it?  Feeling less stressed yet?!

Here’s a recap of my meal prep/thinking ahead tips:

  • cook extra (buy extra if necessary so you can cook extra)
  • save leftovers (even if you don’t think it’s enough)
  • buy pre chopped veggies
  • keep meats thawed in fridge (ready to cook instead of having to thaw at the last minute)
  • while you’re cooking, multi-task and cook two (or three things) instead of just one
  • keep healthy snacks on hand such as natural peanut butter packs, cheese sticks, tuna packs, and almonds

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I hope that helps!  I’d love to hear how you meal prep, too!


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