I read other women’s fitness and running blogs a lot.  Like a whole lot.  And while I have dozens bookmarked and favorited, here lately I find myself frequenting some more often than others.  It was, after all, other women’s fitness blogs that inspired me to create by own running and fitness blog, The More I Run, back in 2010.  With my interest in becoming more healthy, running and exercising I did what most do when they are internet searching and that’s go to Google, which led me to Healthy Tipping Point and Carrots ‘N Cake. It’s funny how both of those women are probably half my age but yet they inspired me and taught me so much without even realizing it.  It really just proves the power and importance of women supporting and encouraging other women.

Girls compete with one another. Women empower each other.

We rise by lifting others. ~Robert Ingersall


5 Inspirational Women's Fitness Blogs to Inspire You by TeamSam Fitness

Your Trainer Paige

I love how Paige offers such a variety of organized workouts.  I appreciate how she provides video and demonstrates all of her workouts (I must confess I do have to rewind a lot trying to perform some of her hardcore, bodyweight movements!)

TeamSam Fitness favorite Women's Fitness Blog Your Trainer Paige


Tamara Grand offers real life workouts and so many helpful articles for women over 40!  I also love her tag line, ‘training women for the sport of life’. Isn’t that so true?!  We only have one shot at this earthly life and I definitely want to enjoy it to the fullest and live the healthiest life possible.

TeamSam Fitness favorite Women's Fitness Blog Fitknitchick

He & She Eat Clean

I actually ‘met’ Whitney before I even knew she had a blog.  She is also a partner TLS Coach and I saw her take stage at one of our TLS conventions and speak to a crowd of over 20,000 people!  She mentioned her blog and I randomly decided to email her some questions one day.  She graciously replied and offered advice.  I’ve since met her (in person) through our TLS program and I’ve been a fan ever since…and she rocks it out with her online program of TLS coaching!

TeamSam Fitness favorite Women's Fitness Blog He & She Eat Clean

Burpees for Breakfast

I’ve only recently stumbled upon Jen’s blog (most likely on Instagram) and was so impressed by her and her blog.  It could be her presh pixie cut that first caught my attention, but nonetheless she offers great workouts and reviews, along with her blog is so clean and crisp and just a pleasure to read.

TeamSam Fitness favorite Women's Fitness Blog Burpees for Breakfast

Workout Nirvana

I think I found Suzanne through Tamara’s blog and I’m so glad I did.  She’s also over 40 and just provides such a no nonsense, set your goals and just go for it approach to weight lifting for women.  I really love how she, to simply put it, gets real with her readers.  It’s obvious her mission is to empower and “teach women how to OWN their power in the weight room and beyond”.

TeamSam Fitness favorite Women's Fitness Blog WorkoutNirvana

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What are some of your favorite fitness blogs you’re reading right now?  I’d love to know!

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  1. Girl, you are so sweet to include me!! Your blog is beautiful! I definitely love Paige as well. A couple of these blogs are new to me, so I gotta check them out!

    • You are so welcome, Jen! Was definitely happy to include you! 🙂

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