My news feed across every social media platform and probably yours too, is flooded right now with pages and pages of New Year’s Resolutions and 2016 Goals and then hundreds of pages of tips on how to help you actually keep those New Year’s Resolutions and goals for the new year.  I’m guilty.  I’ve fallen right into that usual and expected path that we feel like we need to tread at this time of the years end….especially us bloggers almost feel required to post about goals and the like and how to be more organized in organizing those get where I’m going with this?

Now bear in mind, goals are fantastic!  Goals are necessary.  I have goals.  I have short term and long term goals and I’ve created an action plan on how I’m gonna get there.  But I’m tired.  This year, right here, right now I’m just tired.  Just keeping it real, friends but I don’t want to create and put any more expectations on myself right now simply because I’m already loaded down with them!

I just want to be.  Does that make sense?  I’m tired of burning the candle at both ends trying to live up to those goals expectations that I’ve set for myself each year.  There’s no one to blame but myself, but I feel like I’m back in high school trying to work my way into the cool crowd and I’m exhausted.

I read this quote last week and it resonated with me.

Don’t chase people.  Be yourself, do your own thing, and work hard.  The right people-the ones who belong in your life-will come to you.  And stay.  ~Will Smith

I just want to be who God created me to be.  I want to live my life everyday and enjoy it.  I don’t want to miss conversations because I’m too busy trying to check off my perfectly structured to do list.  I want to stop focusing on the end result, but instead live in the process.  Life happens in the process ladies!  Do y’all get this?

[Tweet “Did you set goals for the New Year? I didn’t and I’m happy about it. @teamsamfit”]

So my prayer and hope for you is that you too will live in the process.  That you will live life in between the lines. Stop trying so hard and just enjoy who you are and who God created you to be, too.

Sure....I'm qualified to be your health coach...wink...but you may want to call me Maw Sam instead of Coach Sam. ;)
Sure….I’m qualified to be your health coach…but you may want to call me Maw Sam instead of Coach Sam. 😉

I wrapped up my 2015 talking a walk with my daughter.  It was quite.  We didn’t talk much.  We laughed trying to take a selfie with the dogs.  And it was good for my soul.



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