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Are you detoxing?  Have you ever thought about detoxing?  I’ve written a couple of posts why I feel that doing a 4-7 day detox is so important and if you have a sec, I’d love for you to check that out.

The Importance of Detoxing

I have several ladies who have begun my FREE 4 Week New Year Transformation Challenge and I wanted to share some tips to help your detox go a bit easier.

My Healthy Detox Tips:

  • Clean out your fridge—or at least set aside a place in the fridge and pantry to call your own.   Out of sight out of mind….and don’t clean out your pantry of all the junk by having a Last Supper kinda meal….js…..  😉
  • Plan ahead!  I can’t stress the importance of being prepared.  Go grocery shopping with your food list in hand and stock up for the week so you’ll always have healthy options to choose from.
  • Do some food prep–clean and wash your fruits and veggies and store them in snack size zip bags so they are ready and easy to grab.  I also love roasting a whole chicken {or two} to have on hand!  Easy Peasy!
  • Keep food with you all the time!  This goes back to being prepared.  Don’t go hungry during detox week.  Eat all day long!
  • Rest.  Go low on the exercise this week and especially no vigorous exercise.  This week is your body’s rest and recouping time so let it do just that by getting plenty of rest and sleep.

Detox Recipescheck out my Pinterest Page for details but detox doesn’t have to be complicated and especially nothing wonky about it.  Detox is simply about eating real food, eliminating all the junk, sugars and preservatives out of the body and cleaning out all the junk in the trunk if you get what I’m saying.  Hola!


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If you haven’t joined the challenge yet, I’d love to have you!  Click on the Join box below to get started!

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