Uh….Hello…do you agree thumb holes are simply awesome? They make be feel like such an official runner and well, I like to say they make me run better. #ofcoursetheydo

Do you love thumbholes?
I like to think thumbholes makes me run better. Wouldn’t you agree?

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These past couple of weeks have been really fabulous fitness weeks for me.

For one, we are running again.  Oh my goodness I’ve missed it so much.  It’s been since last Summer since we ran (life happens) but we returned to our dirt road last week and I am in love again.  Sure, we’re starting slow, but who cares!?

Secondly, I haven’t talked about it at all on here, but back in October a friend and fellow TLS Weight Loss Coach (of the Year) made a ginormous and rather quick decision to buy a franchise.  Yeah, I just said buy a franchise! Hola!  We started talking about it and began really researching it in late September, early October. We did some traveling, made a lot of phone calls to a lot of different people before finalizing our purchase of Fit Body Boot Camp by the end of October.

Hillcrest Fit Body Boot Camp
Dreams do come true my friends…You just gotta get them out of your head and make them happen!
Hillcrest Fit Body Boot Camp
The hubby works hard hanging TRX straps on the wall while I drink coffee {of course} and supervise!

I know!  It’s crazy and even hard for me to wrap my head around!  You want me to tell you what’s even crazier? We officially opened on January 4th.  Say Wuh!!??  We’ve been open for all of three weeks now and I am blown away by the warm welcome and support we’ve received.  We have two incredible trainers and have been able to incorporate our TLS Weight Loss program into the business for a perfect holistic approach to optimal fitness and wellness.  Did I mention I am quite frankly blown away?

Hillcrest Fit Body Boot Camp
Our front entry, chalkboard wall with the chairs and floor run is my favorite!

Just to stand in the middle of our space…a space I own…and watch all the people come and go and talk about how they’re loving their workouts and just being able to provide such a service like that to others truly humbles me.  It’s so surreal. It’s when I’m serving others that makes me the happiest and proudest.  I love seeing people excel and become something-someone-they didn’t think was possible.  And getting to workout in my own gym is also pretty stinkin’ incredible!

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Hillcrest Fit Body Boot Camp

And finally, January marks my 17th anniversary of being hospitalized for what we thought was a simple case of anemia and I figured I’d be home again just after a quick, overnight stay.  That was not the case at all.  After several diagnostic procedures, surgery, a stomach tube and eight days later, it something much more and life changing.  I’m feeling incredibly thankful and blessed at the moment.

All that to say that nothing is impossible.  As quirky and cliche as that may sound, it’s the truth. Nothing is impossible.  You have a purpose in this world. You were created with purpose.  It is in God’s perfect timing that you are where you are in your life right now-at this very moment, just as it was in his divine plan that I have colon cancer at the age of 29.  If I had not experienced that battle, then I would have missed out on that incredible victory.  If I had not had cancer, there’s no way I’d be in the place I’m in right now and my life would have been much different than it is now…and I’m afraid not for the better.

Celebrate where you are right now, too.  I believe with all my heart that everything in our life happens with divine intent and everything moves through the Father’s hands before coming into our own.  Is it always easy? Oh heck no.  But rest assured that he has great plans for you, too.

Your life has purpose ~TeamSam Fitness

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And if you don’t have a shirt with thumb holes? Go now and buy one. I’m telling ya, you’ll start running better, too.  😉

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