Happy Heart Month friends!  Did you know that February is National Heart Month!?  Now, me being a personal trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist, there is no way I could start this month off without providing you with a cardio workout to help you improve your own heart health!


Did you also know that Heart Disease is the # 1 Killer of women?

Ladies!  We’ve got to do something about this!  We have been given one life and one body to take care of! Health is not a guarantee nor a right~it is a choice-our choice!  So let’s get moving!

Here is a heart pumping, cardio workout that you can do at home or anywhere-no equipment needed-to help you improve your endurance, burn off those unwanted calories, and most importantly, improve your heart health!

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Do 12 reps of each exercise without stopping, only resting in between rounds.  Do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes!

Cardio AMRAP to improve your heart health!
Cardio AMRAP to improve your heart health!

Let me know your favorite cardio move and what you’re doing to take care of your heart!

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