Here it is gals!  Beginner Boot Camp has officially launched and I’m super excited to have some of you ladies hanging out with me for the next four weeks!  I know you’re going to get stronger and feel better and I can’t wait to see your results!

Total body workout for beginners !

I’m also pretty excited to have created a YouTube Channel to post my exercise demos.  I’ll be slowly adding more videos to that channel to give you a good variety of workouts and exercises to do.  Video is probably my only nemesis so I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone like super way off this planet to get in front of a camera, but you know what they say about those dang comfort zones!?  Along with, you’re worth it and you need to know how to do these exercises!  Hola!

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Beginner Bootcamp Week 1 ~ Do Anywhere Beginner Workout

Here is a sample of one of those exercise demos–this is a demo of squat pulses–talk about feeling the burn in your booty!

[youtube width=”625″ height=”444″][/youtube]

The hubby and I also had a wonderful long weekend down on the coast last weekend.  It was a weekend of relaxing, exercising, running, napping and coffee drinking….and of course, practicing my handstands. 😉

Sometimes this 40 something year old like to pretend she's a 20 something year old.
Sometimes this 40 something year old likes to pretend she’s a 20 something year old.

How was your weekend friends?  Please let me know how you like workout and if your booty felt the burn!

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