Hold your seats ladies, because I’m about to rock your world.  Well…..only if you’re like me and lose things.  Ya know…like your keys, wallet (–>husband, no I didn’t lose my husband, well only once, but he’s the one who loses his wallet more than I do), anyway, you get the idea, things you use everyday, in other words, things anything you DON’T want to lose!  🙂 And the reason why you lose them so much is because well, you use them everyday and then you put stuff down and you forget where you put the stuff?  Get it?

I actually used my iPhone finder–you know -the Find Your iPhone thingy- for the first time last week and I wasn’t sure whether to be amazed as if watching a real-life magic show in action or scared to death that Big Brother was watching my every more.  Nonetheless I was ridiculously impressed and wishing I had a Find Your iPhone for most everything I owned.

Well, now I do.  Sorta.

Introducing Beets Blu PagerTag.  Hola!


This little phenom attaches to your key ring and it’s design is thin enough to also fit in your wallet, purse or husband’s wallet (since he’s the one always losing his wallet) or again, whatever you may keep frequently losing.

It syncs with it’s own App (the app is free) and all you have to do when your keys, wallet, or husband are missing, is press the appropriate button on the app and listen carefully.  Wait for it….it buzzes, chirps, rings, alarms or will even alert you like an incoming missile, and you’ve found your keys!


It really is magic.

Get yours today.  And life can go on.



Disclaimer: Beets Blu supplied me with their PagerTag to review.  All opinions are my own.

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