For the most part I do total body workouts, but sometimes I love working just one muscle group at at time and when I do, shoulders are my favorite! Here is a fun Sculpted Shoulders Workout to tone and strengthen those arms just in time for tank season!  And for the fun of it I like throwing in a little bootay work in most workouts…hence the dumbbell swings you see here.  It’s also a great heart rate elevator to burn some calories and fat, too!

Sculpted Shoulders Workout

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Scuplted Shoulders workout for tank season
Last weekend I spent the weekend with the hubs in Atlanta while he was there on a business trip.  We walked and picnic’d in the Tribble Mill Park. Lunch was pretty tasty and included all of the essentials.


Of course…a #fitmarriage selfie.

tribblemillpark_hiking_teamsamfitness copy


tribblemillpark_teamsamfitness Talk to me friends!  Let me know if you do the sculpted shoulders workout or if you’ve ever been to Tribble Mill Park!  We were so impressed with it! <3

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