How many times have you dieted and had to decide on which weight loss program you’d do?  Most likely with each one you may have thought “this would be it…the last one I’ll have to ever choose,” right?  And again, most likely, you were disappointed to soon discover that here you are again, in the same place, faced with that same decision again to make..which weight loss program to go with.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Weight Loss Plan

Before you choose yet another magic, end-all diet plan, here are my top three tips on what to look for when choosing a weight loss program.

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How long is the program?  Bear in mind that there are no quick fixes.  Oh, but wouldn’t it be great if it was!? While yes, there may be some jumpstarts (I even offer one), those are literally meant to be just that–jumpstarts or boosts to get you started…not to last you a lifetime.  So be mindful of choosing a plan where you’re promised a bikini body in 2 weeks.
Remember your journey will be a process and will take time.  Statistics have also shown that an average weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week is the most beneficial.

Is it meal replacement or supplement based only?  For example, will you simply be drinking a particular drink or protein shake several times a day? While these plans may work, you also have to consider are you going to drink these for the rest of your life?  What’s going to happen when you stop?  Is it a meal replacement only?  There are  many popular plans that deliver food directly to your front door and yes, you’ll lose weight, but are you going to buy your food like this from now on?  Where will you be if you stop the service?  Get it?  And supplements? I take them and love them, (you can see my favorite supplements here) but they are only meant to supplement or add to and not replace.

Are you educated about getting healthy and prepared for what to do when the program is over? This is my favorite!  🙂 Your weight loss program should be more about getting healthy and educate you on what to do once the program is over.  You should feel confident with making healthy decisions, meal planning and learning how to actually live healthy. It’s always my goal in my own program to prepare and teach my clients how to learn to live without me. It’s only then when they’ll feel confident on keeping the weight off.

Here’s another quick tip for you on eating out.  Fast food doesn’t have to be through a drive through window. This is a heavenly salad I went inside and ordered….wait for it… to go.   Hola!

Take out doesn't have to be through a drive up window. I went inside and ordered this salad and salmon to go!
Take out doesn’t have to be through a drive up window. I went inside and ordered this salad and salmon to go!

Happy FriYAY!  What did your week of eats look like?  I’d love to know!

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