One of the main problems I see with my clients is that they’re not eating enough.  This is simply because of the way society has taught us to “diet”….and that way is usually by counting calories or going low carb, no carb.

Ask yourself is that way of dieting working for you?

I mean really… you know one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the same results.

Are you eating enough to lose weight? TeamSam Fitness



Something has to give friends.  It’s time to break the mold and make the change.  It’s not about ‘cutting back’.  By eating less, you’re not providing your body with the fuel it needs for even a sedentary lifestyle, much less if you’re at all active.

Eating less also causes your body to store fat, your metabolism will suffer and your energy level will fall.

Every Wednesday in my {free} private Facebook Coaching Group, I post WIAW or What I Ate Wednesday to give opportunity for everyone to share what’s on their plate for the day or a healthy recipe.  Today to hold myself accountable, I told the group, I’d share everything I eat for the day.


I started my day with granola cereal, blueberries and added walnuts (well…just because I love walnuts-purchase your own at with almond milk and two scrambled eggs on the side….and coffee of course.


Mid morning snack was grapes and mixed nuts again.


I did my workout early afternoon that included wall balls, or in my case tree balls, dumbbell hip swings and walking lunges.  I did 10 reps and 5 rounds.

Lower Body Workout by TeamSam Fitness

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Lunch was a salad full of yummy greens, grilled chicken tenders, grapes (I love fruit on my salad) and again walnuts (with a poppy seed dressing).


Then it was on to late afternoon coffee and dinner.  Another salad simply because it’s easy to throw together.  I had one leftover chicken tender so I added boiled eggs for added protein.  I also had roasted Brussel’s Sprouts on the side and this time topped with chia seeds and a balsamic dressing. Hola!


I don’t want you to have the misconception that “dieting” or eating healthy is always about eating salads, but I love salads and trying new toppings and it’s also a great way to get in a ton of veggies for the day.  And no, I don’t always ‘hit the mark’, but I definitely don’t stress about it. I’m human and do the best I can and some days are better (or worse) than others.  😉

Happy Hump Day Friends!  What did you eat today?  Are you eating enough?




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