One of my habits has now become seeing what I can find to work out with that doesn’t require fancy equipment or a gym membership.  One of the questions that was asked of me during my recent docu-ad interview was why is it important to encourage simple fitness and to workout around my home like I do.  

I replied with two reasons.

When we can workout at home, using what we have available to us, then we have no excuse not to exercise.  I mean, really, think about it.  There are opportunities for fitness all around us.  All we have to do is be willing to look for them.

Secondly, when we can workout simply and at home without a bunch of fanciness, then we don’t have the intimation and fear that many of us face at the thought of working out in a gym or around other gym rats. Especially for us older women, going into a gym can be very intimidating and scary, which gives us plenty of excuses not to go and therefore not to exercise at all.

Here are some of the exercises I do at home.  And if you don’t think you can get a workout at home, using what you have, oh boy, give this one a try!  My legs were noodles when I got done!  Hola!

Lower Body Backyard HIIT

Repeat each exercise once through, rest for 60 seconds and repeat 3-5 times:

  • 5 “tree” balls (I’m using a 10 pound medicine ball),
  • 10 dumbbell swings (or again, a five pound bag of sugar or whatever you can find) and lastly,
  • 15 walking lunges holding something above your head.  I’m using some kind of heavy bar and I have no idea what’s its called but the hubby had been using it and left it propped against the tree so I used it! 🙂


You can find video demos of these exercises on my YouTube channel!

Lower Body Backyard HIIT

I dare you!  Go looking around your own house for things you can use to provide resistance.  It’s become a challenge and I always like find something new to use.

If you follow me on Instagram, I recently posted these walking lunges I did using an old driftwood log!

outdoor workout walking lunges by

Let me know what you like to use to workout with at home that’s not your typical gym equipment!

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