Can you believe it’s already September?  It’s time for all things pumpkin and planks! Ok…so pumpkin, yes? Planks?  Planks are among my favorite exercises.

One of the many reasons I love planks is because they are for all fitness levels.  So whether you’re a beginner or a professional, planks can provide you a heart-racing, muscle burning, and shakin’ workout.

30 Day Plank Challenge

Another reason I love planks is that it is a low impact, isolating exercise that not only builds endurance but also strengthens to your entire core.  It works the abs, back, and legs as well.  In other words, planks are a great full-body exercise.

The crazy thing about it is that it seems like it should be so easy.  But I’m here to tell you, that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  It’s hard!  Like—when I started I could only hold that position for 10 seconds-hard!  But the fact that it is that tough to hold, along with the soreness I feel all throughout my abdominal muscles and core when I’m done is what keeps me going back for more!  I’m a believer!

Here is how to do the basic Plank:

1.   Lie face down on the floor or mat while resting on your elbows–keeping your elbows in line or just below your shoulders/armpits.
2.  Keep your back and full-body straight–don’t let your butt sag or rise up.
3.  Engage your core–keep your abs pulled into your spine.

How to do a plank ~ TeamSam Fitness

Now here comes the fun part!

I want to challenge you to do a Plank at least once every day for 30 days and share with a battle buddy to do it with you!

Post a picture of your time every day on how you did and use the hashtag #plankwithteamsam so we can follow each other!30 Day Plank Challenge ~ hold a 2:00 minute plank in 30 days

And if you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry!  When I first started I could only hold the pose to a count of 10!  But the more I practiced I began to count to 15 then 20 and so on.  Follow this 30 Day Plank Challenge for the month of September and you’ll be holding a 2:00 minute plank in 30 days! Hola! 

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