With the rise of online shopping sites and the decline of actual brick and mortar stores, it seems that click and order may be the newest, more popular (and easiest) way to buy.

Included in the list of store closings are Hancock Fabrics, Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, Macy’s, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, JCPenny, and multiple Aeropostale locations around the globe.  You can find more listings here.

With that, we as the consumer are forced to find other ways to make our purchases.  Enter online shopping.

We as the consumer are the only ones who aren't rewarded for our spending. I've found a way to make money and get paid to shop online.

Now I know you may be thinking “What?  Sam, online shopping is nothing new!”  And you’re right.  Since Amazon was first introduced back in 1994, shopping online has become more and more of a household name and standard.  We are a fast-food minded society and want things fast.  AmmIRight?   And with online shopping and the literal one-handed, one-fingered click of the mouse, it’s instant gratification.  I’m all about it.

But here’s the question for ya?  Do you get paid to shop online?  Hola! Here’s where the magic happens.

I get paid for shopping on a shopping site called http://www.SHOP.com where I not only get paid to shop from my own purchases, but I also get paid on other people’s purchases as well.

I get paid cashback from every purchase I make online.

What is Shop.com and how does it work?

I liken Shop.com to Amazon, but better.  Amazon doesn’t pay me to shop from them nor do I always recognize the name of the store from which I may be purchasing.  Shop.com is just the opposite.

Shop.com is merely a portal (or entryway) to over 3000 name brand partner stores that most likely you shop from already on a daily basis.
I get paid to shop from my favorite stores.

For example, if I want to order something from Athleta (one of my favorites) or Vera Bradley, instead of going directly to their online site, I first go to Shop.com, enter the store name…which then takes me directly to that store.  While it may seem like one extra step or click, it’s more than worth it because this one extra click allows me to earn CASHBACK from the purchase that I was already going to make from that store.  Get it?

I’m getting paid CASHBACK from a store purchase I was already going to make.  Boom!  This cashback will build in my account to use for later purchases or I can request a written check to be sent to me.

Furthermore, anyone I refer to Shop.com (and they enter my name and email as the referrer), I earn a percentage of their cashback also.  Another win win! This is applicable for you too.  You can get paid to shop using shop.com and you can earn a percentage of anyone you refer to shop too.

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Another thought you may be having is how is Shop.com different from Ebates and all the other cashback-earning shopping sites?  Here’s the main difference:  I decided to purchase my own Shop.com shopping site (instead of just shopping from someone else’s).  By owning my own online shopping site, I also earn commission points on every product that is sold on that site.  Yes, every product from every store.  These commission points accumulate and I get paid a dollar amount based on those points.  Take that Amazon and Ebates!

So here’s the breakdown of how I make money shopping online:

  • I earn cashback shopping through Shop.com.
  • I earn a percentage of any referrals that start shopping from Shop.com.
  • As an owner of my own Shop.com, I also earn commission points on every product which equates to a  paycheck for me.

Here’s how you can get started getting paid to shop:

  1. Simply go to my Shop.com site (make sure you see my name as your consultant).
  2. Register as a customer.
  3. Start shopping.

Learn how you can get paid to shop online.

Yep, it’s that easy.  And if you want to earn even more, refer all your family and friends and have them enter YOUR email address and you can earn from their purchases, too.Download ShopBuddy and never miss a sale! Get paid to shop online.

And when you download SHOP BUDDY directly from the Shop.com homepage, regardless of where you search for any particular item (Google, etc.) Shop Buddy will alert you to where you can find that same product cheaper and where coupon codes may be available.  So that’s another huge bonus!

I have been successfully shopping online for several years now and purchase anything from Christmas and birthday gifts, college book rentals for the kids and even shampoo and paper towels!

PS: Campus book rentals is offering a 7% coupon code plus free shipping right now in addition to the 3% cashback you’ll get paid for using Shop.com.  During the holiday season and especially Black Friday, some stores will even pay double and triple cashback!

Here is an example of just a handful of the stores and the cashback they reward you for shopping.

Learn how I get paid to shop at my favorite stores.

Think about this:  In the big scheme of everyday brick and mortar shopping, we as the consumer are the only ones who are not rewarded for our spending!  The manufacturer is paid.  The delivery crew is paid to haul the merchandise from factory to storefront the salespeople are paid to sell it.  When we can shop online and earn cashback  for doing so (and even more so if we own the storefront), WE ARE GETTING PAID AND REWARDED FOR OUR PURCHASES.

“In the big scheme of everyday brick and mortar shopping, we as the consumer are the only ones who are not rewarded for our spending.”

I am also not buying anything new or different than I wouldn’t already be buying.  I’m simply transferring my buying habits, saving a trip to the store, avoiding fighting the crowds and saving gas to name a few.  Same product. Same price and I earn money to do it.  It’s totally a win for me and I encourage you to try it too!  But I warn you, it can become addicting to find the best deals, the best savings and the most cashback you can earn.  🙂

Want to learn more about earning cashback for shopping or owning your own Shop.com shopping site?  Check out the free download!

Happy Shopping!

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