If you’ve been a reader since my blog’s inception way back in 2010 when it actually started as The More I Run, you know my first love as been running.  There’s just something about running that’s empowering and makes me feel strong and confident.  And while I may not run very far or very fast (I basically run slower than a turtle running through peanut butter), I still love it.

How to improve your running speed and performance.

Fast forward a couple of years later when I started my love affair with lifting weights.  I realized that I didn’t have to choose between them, but rather I could marry the two and only make the other stronger.

I soon discovered that I not only enjoyed lifting just as much as I enjoyed running, but the lifting was actually making my runs better.  Win win, right?!

On one of my recent runs I wore my Garmin for the first time since last Summer and noticed I had shaved an entire minute off my time!  Hola!  All thanks to the strength training!  So I quickly learned that to improve my running even more that strength training would be a necessity.

But not only does strength training improve my actual running performance, but also lessens the risk of injury. Again, win win!

The stronger you become, the more your joints and muscles will be able to endure the demands of running.

Improve your running performance with this strength and power workout for runners.

There are three basic benefits of strength training for running:

  1. Improve overall speed and performance (by strengthening the very muscles you’ll be using for running).
  2. Decrease your risk of injury.
  3. Strengthen your core which especially helps with long distance running.

How often should you strength train?

I like to do my strength training in between my run days, so for example, my week may look like this (notice I’m taking a rest day after lower body day).

Improve your running performance with this strength and power workout for runners.

With this schedule I’m strength training two days a week and run three days a week which is plenty for me! Also, with this type of workout plan, also make sure you’re eating enough to fuel your workouts.  

Here is also an great strength and power building workout to improve your running performance.

Improve your running performance with this strength and power workout for runners.

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Want to learn more?  I’d love to be your personal trainer or click below to download your free printable of a free beginner, strength training workout to get started!

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