I know this is an out of the ordinary post for me, but in the past few months of learning how to better my own blog and talking with other women trying to do the same, I’ve worked on my Pinterest boards, cleaned them up, started created and pinning higher quality pins and have literally seen a triple jump in my blog numbers. Are you also struggling with getting your blog noticed?  I had the same trouble until I discovered how to use Pinterest.

For my boss mom blogger friends, here’s a step by step tutorial (with a free checklist) of the exact steps I took to triple my page views, grow my Pinterest following and have a pin to go viral.

A step by step guide of how I tripled my page views using Pinterest.

I’ll have to be honest though.  When Pinterest first hit the web, I joined in just like the other half of the country, was mesmerized by all the pretty boards and pins, but had no idea what I was doing.  (Note to self, you don’t use Pinterest like Facebook and Instagram and just post pictures at random).  While that was several years ago, I only recently learned the power that Pinterest can have on a blogger and the magnitude of goodness it can bring to my blog.  Oh man, I’ve thought several times, “if only…..” But I’m thankful to have learned what I have and now be on the receiving end of the Pinterest harvest.

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Here’s exactly what I did to triple my page views using Pinterest, Canva and Tailwind. I created new accounts with Canva and Tailwind.  I started with the free version of Tailwind to have time to figure it all out, but soon realized that if I really want to get a jump on my pinning, I’d need the paid version.  And for only $14.99/month, I thought it was a good deal.

I cleaned up my Pinterest boards.  I went through all of my boards and pins, cleaning out and cleaning up as I went along.

  • To really get a better idea of how to pin, I spent time looking at other poster’s pins… those that looked pretty and especially were getting re-pinned.  I started tailoring my pins the same way.
  • I also deleted any pins that didn’t meet this new criteria (I’ll explain below what I did with these pins).
  • I organized my boards specific to my niche and my service.  So when anyone views my boards, they’ll have a clear picture of what I’m all about.
  • I created a board specific for my own blog posts.  It will then be this board that I started re-pinning from.
  • I corrected any missing links or pin urls to make sure all were working.
  • I added a description to each pin…keeping in mind using keywords and search words..speaking directly to my niche.

I cleaned up old blog posts.  I went though old blog posts and those pins that I deleted and gave them a face lift (the ones I told you about above that I deleted).  I took those pins that didn’t fit the bill, gave them a facelift using Canva, added a description or alt text, replaced those older images in the each appropriate blog post and then pinned them to my new TeamSam blog board.  Literally dozens and dozens of old blog posts and I still have more to go.

  • One key thing I’ve learned is that your Pinterest pin title doesn’t have to be the same as your blog post title! When putting a title to your pin make sure it’s pin-worthy and speaks directly to the problem you’re solving.
  • I have loved using Canva and use it for every blog post now.  It’s so easy and the pin dimensions are already set for you.  There are thousands of templates and possibilities even for someone who missed out on the creative gene like me.  😉
  • When designing your pin, try to stay within a certain theme or look.  I don’t always follow this rule, but I do try to use the same font somewhere on most of my pins.
  • Save your template in Canva and you don’t have to start over with each new pin design.

I joined several (probably 15) Pinterest groups appropriate for my niche and using Tailwind, started scheduling my pins.

  • Within Tailwind, I created groups and then categorized each of my new Pinterest groups into each one accordingly, so boom, just like that I can schedule the same pin to post to multiple boards! Hola!
  • I can schedule each pin to post at different intervals and use the optimized time slot.  Huge time saver here!!

I post to my blog one-two times a week still creating high quality, vertical pins and sometimes two per post.

  • I’ve also learned that to increase page views, you have to provide consistent content to share…so twice a week is what I could manage.  Eventually and according to my schedule, I may go back to once a week, but this works for me right now.

This entire process took about three months, but not only did my page views multiply, but my Pinterest followers also grew by about 500!  I’m also excited to announce that one of my little ole’ pins has made it to the big sea of viral pins being pinned more than 50k times as of this post. This chart shows my blog activity from July 1 – October 12, 2016.  This shows 5,343 sessions all from Pinterest and over 78% increase in growth!  Wuh?!


I still have a ways to go, have more things to clean up and do, but it’s almost like housework as it’s never ending.  You’ll always find some new dust somewhere.  😉 I hope this helps my fellow blogger friends!  I’d love to hear what’s worked for you, too! Want this in a free printable checklist to help you go through the steps to increase your own page views?

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8 Comments on How I Tripled My Page Views Using Pinterest

  1. This is wonderful information. I also recently discovered Canva and love it. I still use PicMonkey for some things but Canva seems to be easier to manage sizes with. I need to go through and clean up my boards and do some reorganizing. Thanks for these tips!

    • Thanks! I still have much to do on my own Pinterest boards but it’s def a process! ha! Hope these help!

  2. Congratulations on your success! I am just beginning to use Pinterest – these are much needed tips for me – Thank you so much!!

    • Thanks so much! Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I’m just finally getting around to trying to be diligent about Pinterest and need all the help I can get!

    • Glad it helped Jamie! 🙂

  4. Thank you for pinning this. I’ve been trying to work on increasing the traffic to my FB page.

    • Thanks Kelly! Glad you enjoyed it and hope it’s helpful!

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