Happy almost November my friends!  Can you believe it’s almost November 2106?  I’m seriously having a back-to-the-future moment and whoa….it’s crazy how fast time flies!  I won’t even remind you how many Fridays are left before Christmas!  😉

To celebrate the season, I have another challenge for you!  Did you participate in my plank challenge?  Let me know if you did and if you’re still going strong!  Ya’ll know how I love planks!  But I also love squats!  Both of these are just really good, basic moves that have so much benefit.

Squats are great for lower body and booty aesthetically (who doesn’t love a good fitting pair of jeans), but more so for strength, balance and fat loss (for which I like all that muuuuch better).

Especially as we age, strength is more important than ever and that’s exactly what we’re lacking as we get older. Also as we age, I’ve talked about the effects of hormones, slowed metabolism and how we tend to hold on to fat instead of burning it and building those big lower body muscles is exactly what you need to jumpstart your metabolism and start burning fat.  Along with the many other strength benefits to help with balance and preventing falls and injury.

Sound good?  Good.

Here is your daily, 30 day squat challenge and the great thing about it is you can do squats anywhere, anytime! Watching TV, in a dressing room, while fold laundry…you name it!  Get creative with them!  You can also split your squats up along the day too so don’t feel pressured to do them all at once.  The important thing is is that you’re doing them!

30 Day Squat Challenge -Build a better booty, increase strength, metabolism and burn fat!

Here is also a demo of doing your squats correctly.  Maintaining correct form is just as critical and if done incorrectly can cause more harm than good.

To do a correct squat:

  • Pretend you’re about to sit in a chair (beginners–do use a actual chair and just let your bum bare-ly reach the seat).
  • Feet about shoulder width a part.
  • Keep your arms out in front to also help with balance.
  • Lead with your bottom and not your knees preventing your knees to go forward over your feet.

Let me know if you’re in and how it goes!

Happy Squatting

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