This past weekend we checked off a huge bucket item list.  While I would have liked to have finished the Spartan Race a bit stronger and with a little less pain, we still completed it and overall, completed it well.  For that I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for my health and I’m thankful for the ability to complete something so physically challenging that 10 years ago, I would have never….like never, ever dreamed I could do.  I’m also thankful to have completed it with my hubby.  I find myself so many times referring to ‘we’ instead of I, because we run our dirt road together, we work out around that picnic table together and we completed the Spartan Race together.  It’s not I.  It’s what we do.

As I considered crawling my way out or even wondering how would I make it out of there, my thoughts were if I can get out of here, I’d never come back.  I’ve never experienced leg cramps and pain like that before and Clark practically had to help me to the shower and help me undress.  The leg cramps were brutal.

The trail was a little over 9 miles with 27 obstacles on the course.  We climbed over 5-8 feet walls, trudged through black, soupy mud (waist deep at times), crossed 7-8 creeks, carried a 5 gallon bucket filled with sand, carried sandbags and logs and crawled on our bellies under barbed wire for 150 yards to name a few.



But now, a few days later and as I look back over the official race pictures taken of us during the race and as I focus on the obstacles we did accomplish instead of those few we didn’t, it’s like I’m having that endorphin rush for the first time.  Because believe me, I didn’t experience it at the finish line.



Clark has already asked me about when can we do another one!  Hola!  Hold on there Mr Spartan.  Let me at least be able to raise my arms above my head pain-free before you ask me that!


Don’t tell him, but I’ve already looked up the next one, too.  😉

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