With the approaching holiday season, if you’re like me, you’re already thinking ahead about the bounty of delicious food that will soon be available to you!

While I’m looking forward to the holidays, time with family and all that good food, there are still ways I can genuinely enjoy the time and not feel deprived or guilty for over indulging.  You can stay healthy and fit during the holidays!

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips~A healthy and fit holiday survival guide

Here are my top ten healthy holiday eating tips to help you get through the holiday eating frenzy, too.

1.  Drink Water.
Water is filling and calorie free….and add a squeeze of lemon for flavor.  Don’t use your calories on beverages, save them for the good stuff instead.  😉

2.  Eat before the party.
If you’re afraid of too many tempting, high calorie dishes at the party or family reunion, go ahead and eat something filling and healthy before you go.  I’ve also encouraged my clients to drink a nutrient packed protein shake before the big party so when when the dinner bell rings, you’ll be less likely to overfill your plate.

3.  Don’t stop exercising. 
Keep to your exercise schedule.  Plan to get in an early morning run or walk before the day gets busy or plan an after-dinner evening walk while everyone else is piled up in front of the television.

4.  Modify your recipes.
There are several ways to lower the calories in your favorite holiday recipes without sabotaging your calories.
Here are a few examples:
*Lower calorie broths for flavor.
*Soy milk or skim milk for recipes that call for cream.
*Low-fat varieties of ingredients such as butter and cheeses.
*Salt substitute or other seasonings instead of salt.

5.  Don’t graze.
Fix your plate, sit and enjoy your meal.  Standing over the buffet will get you everytime!

6.  Eat your veggies.
Fill your plate with lots of vegetable choices instead of the higher calorie casseroles or meat dishes.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips~A healthy and fit holiday survival guide

7.  Eat smaller portions.
Don’t feel like you have to eat everything on the dinner table or buffet.  If you must, dip only one serving spoon out instead of two, or three, or eh, hem….more, and don’t return for seconds.  Go for the smaller slice of apple pie instead of the ginormous, usual serving or share it with someone!  A lot of times I just want a little something sweet to taste, so I’ll take a couple of bites and then hand it off to Clark.

8.  Choose wisely and don’t waste your calories.
Eat only what you think you can’t live without….ya know, that one dessert that only comes around once a year…not the green bean casserole that you can make anytime.  Pick your favorite instead of tasting everything or decide to go without bread and choose something in its place instead–this way you’re not consuming extra calories from both the yeast roll and the slice of Red Velvet Cake.  😉

9.  Don’t overstuff yourself.
This is a downfall for me.  I tend to finish everything on my plate and crawl walk away from the table unbuttoning my pants and making a terrible groaning noise!  Leave some food on your plate and quit while you’re ahead.

10.  Enjoy yourself.
Don’t stress out thinking about having that extra serving or piece of cake you’ve been staring at all day.  You’re not likely to gain weight by having a little extra.  Just remember it’s all about moderation.  If you go over for one meal, go light for the next.  Keep your accomplishments in mind, as well as your goals.  And if you do gain a pound or two, don’t fret, just continue with your overall health and exercise plan and determine to work it off. And if you are tempted to go over your limit, consider how much more you’ll have to work to burn off those extra calories.

The holidays are about family.  Enjoy your time with those you love without regrets come December 26th!

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  1. Great tips, thank you for sharing! We all struggle with this over the holidays, don’t we? I’m doing my best to actually LOSE a few extra pounds this time of year, so I know these tips and tricks are exactly what I need to hear. 🙂

    • Thank you Callie for stopping by! I’m glad they were helpful! 🙂

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