Here we are again… facing the end of one year and sitting on the edge of a new one.  Cra Cra!  How do you feel about finishing up the year? It goes by so fast these days, I can hardly keep up!

As the new year approaches, so does the rush of New Year’s Resolutions. How many times have you made the same resolution each year? 
I completely understand what it feels like to flounder with the same New Year’s Resolution every year. Then only after a couple of weeks, quit because I didn’t have the motivation or direction to keep going, leaving me feeling guilty and defeated that I failed again.

As we face a new year and with the soon approaching rush of resolutions being made, did you know that 92% of those resolutions will fail?  I know, not encouraging to hear, but bear with me because I want you to succeed and not be one of those statistics!  Hola!

Why Most New Year's Resolutions Fail

Unrealistic goals that set you up for failure from the start.  Most of us are guilty of setting some pretty high standards for ourselves.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to set goals and even what we think may be the impossible.  But seriously take a look at exactly what you want to accomplish then the exact steps (even if they’re baby steps) on what you can do to achieve them.  As much as I wish losing 100 pounds in a couple of months was do able, it’s just not gonna happen.

Set a goal that is actually achievable in a time frame that you can actually achieve it.

No clear plan or direction.  Is this way too familiar?  Let’s take weight loss for example.  All you know is you want to lose weight and you’re starting a diet on January 2nd.  AmIright?  But do you know what you’re going to do or you’re just going to do what you’ve done hundreds of times before or what everybody else is doing and just wing it?  This doesn’t sound like a path to success, but unfortunately it’s the path too many of us have taken too many times before.  This lack of clarity or direction will soon leave you floundering and soon enough throwing in the towel because “this is too hard” or lack of motivation to keep going.You need to know what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it….to a tee.

Everything should be scheduled to take the guesswork out of it.  Those who have worked with me before know that one of my infamous quotes is “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”.  Don’t just have a plan, but have a plan that sets you up for success from the start.

No strong support system.  Most may not consider this a reason for failure, but it’s more important than you think.  It’s huge rather.  Like mega.  You need a personal cheerleader and partner who has your back when it gets hard.  And believe me, it’s going to get hard.  There’ll be office parties, birthday parties, dining out and on and on.  You’ll be faced with  friends who dangle the glass of wine in front of you saying, ‘just one is not going to hurt’.  This doesn’t mean you have to narrow your friend list as most don’t mean harm, but they don’t realize just the amount of damage their doing.

Having a strong support system to help you, offer advice, walk your journey with you and be there to remind you that yes, you can do this is critical for a long lasting commitment that you can actually stick with.

Does this sound all too familiar?

Here’s the good news!  It’s a new day my friends! It’s a new year to start over, make better decisions and become a more confident, healthier person!  

Whether you have already tried to lose weight through other trendy, diet programs or if you’re making the commitment for the first time, the important part is that I am here to help!

I have a plan for you where you will get it right this time.

I feel like though, the majority of you have been here before-in this place of trying yet another “diet plan”. You’ve tried so many before, lost the weight but the weight always comes back.  And you don’t want to go through another crazy, unrealistic program only to fail again.

Still don’t see what you’re needing? Reach out and we’ll customize a plan just for you.

If you want to create a lifestyle that helps you feel in control and like you’re experiencing more progress toward reaching your health and fitness goals than ever before, I would love to work with you. Make 2017 your best year ever!

Make this the last year you make losing weight a New Year’s Resolution!

Learn why most New Year's Resolutions will fail.

4 Comments on 3 Reasons Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail

  1. I think having a plan on how you are going to reach your goal/resolution is a great idea. Lots of mini-goals leading up to a big one help too. If your goal is too big, sometimes it seems overwhelming.

    • Yes Ali! Baby steps, baby steps lead to big successes. 🙂 Thanks of stopping by!

  2. This is so true! I think that most of my failures have been because I set goals that are too unrealistic and am daunted when it comes to starting to take them on. I have found that making smaller, more attainable goals is makes it easier for me to achieve them.

    • I’m totally guilty of this too. I’m such an all or nothing person I have to make it an effort on being realistic with what I can accomplish within a certain amount to time. Thanks Jennifer!

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