Looking back on just a few of my favorite memories from the year!

  • The doors to Hillcrest Fit Body Boot Camp officially opened on January 4th and I can’t believe I actually own that.  Yeah, like own it.  It’s so surreal and has been such a blessing. We’ve already expanded our space bc we quickly outgrew the original.  You can see our website here.
  • I was filmed for a commercial.  You can see it here (and a longer version is expected in January 2107.
  • The hubby and I spent our anniversary white water rafting down the Ocoee River!
  • We went to an Auburn game.  It wasn’t so much as the game, but spending time with my favorite people.
  • We finished the Spartan Race.  While it was brutal to say the least, I’m ready to attempt another one!


Now!  Moving onward to a New Year and more to come!  I’ve had a “Goodbye Post” written for weeks now. A post I’ve contemplated posting for days, but keep chickening out on actually clicking publish.

Here’s the deal.  Blogging is hard. I know there are millions of people who live in the blogging world, being a blogger can a lonely position to sit.  And to be totally honest and vulnerable with you, while I LOVE sharing and teaching you, the time (the hours) I spend keeping it up to date, renders me very little return on that time and investment away from my family and others things that could be more productive for me.

I’ve been at this computer and the voice behind The More I Run then TeamSam Fitness since January, 2010. Long before that, beginning 2005 (I think), I started blogging for my photography business. Aside from the fact that I know my family is tired of talking to the back of my head as I sit at this computer, I’m also tired.  Just plain ‘ole tired.

BUT.  While I’ve actually had a peace about taking it completely off my plate, I also don’t want to be deceived by my all or nothing approach and make the wrong decision either.

So, with that and instead of just letting it go completely, I’m going to step back for a bit and blog when I actually want to instead of feeling like I have to.  What I do have to lose is the constant worry that I have a certain blogging standard to keep.  That alone has stolen my joy of loving blogging like I used to.

So what does that mean?  I have no idea!  I’m looking forward to going into 2017 with NO expectations!  No more “do this, do that, build this, offer this, post this, pin this” and so on and so on (the list could go fill up this entire post!).  And maybe that’s where my peace comes from is admitting that I don’t have to do it all!! Hallelujah!

So for now, here’s kinda what I’m saying.  The content is here….so “You know where I am if you need me.” 🙂 <3

I love you all.


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