I hope you’re having a good week. Other than being pummeled with storms the first couple of days of the new year, all is good here. Here’s a look at the water rushing across my driveway. Thankfully we were still able to get in and out. 🙂


One thing I wanted to touch on briefly is that I know….like I seriously know what it feels like to be a beginner. I was a beginner for years before really taking the jump and taking control of my health. If you’ve heard my story before, you know that I started walking first (which I always recommend for beginners) then slowly started progressing to running then started adding a 3-5 pound dumbbells routine while standing in my bedroom with the door shut.

Take control of your health and learn how you can start!

I still rarely (and can count on one hand) exercise in a gym or group setting, because I’m simply not comfortable doing so and it’s when I’m around others, I still feel like a beginner. I mean, all I know is my picnic table and dirt road as my workout space!

I say all that because I want you to know that it’s okay. While I may be more advanced now than when I started, I still had to start somewhere. Just like all of those other elite athletes with their half-naked, ripped ab pictures trending across social media, they all have one thing in common: they had to start as beginners.

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It’s normal to be intimidated. It’s normal to not know what to do! It’s perfectly normal to be a beginner! Take the pressure off yourself and don’t let the feeling that you have to run a marathon before you even learn to walk stop you from even starting! I’m totally giving you permission to just start. 🙂

So….right where you are, take a breath and let it go!

Coach Sam

Don't be afraid of being a beginner.

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