Are you tired of trying to eat right but you’re still not seeing the results you’re looking for? This is a familiar complaint that I hear from many of my weight loss and personal training clients. They claim to “eat pretty good” (which most are by today’s dieting standards) and exercise several times a week.

But…here’s the clicker. What I’m finding is when we dig a bit deeper into what they are actually doing, I’m finding two mistakes in common between those women.

Are you maximizing your fat burning potential? Two common mistakes you may be making with your weight loss & fitness goals.png

1. They are over-doing it on the cardio. They run on the treadmill or burn hundreds of calories a day on the elliptical, but when I ask about any weight training, most admit they aren’t doing any resistance training at all.

The problem with too much cardio is that it’s easier to whittle away those muscles that you need to fuel your metabolism and burn fat!  Muscle dictates metabolism and without adequate muscle tissue, your metabolism will suffer. Secondly, too much cardio can cause a steady release of the hormone cortisol (our fight or flight hormone) responsible for slowing metabolism, raising blood sugar and blood pressure and you guessed it…storing fat!

The solution: Add weight training or resistance training! You can read more about the value of resistance training and how to start weight training in this post.

2. The second most common problem I hear from my clients is they are not eating enough. Now, pair that with over-exercise and they are not feeding their muscles enough to keep up with all that exercise! If you’re not eating enough, not only will you reach a weight loss plateau, you can increase your tendency to gain weight. Ouch!

The solution: EAT! ha! Yep, but you’ve just got to eat the right foods! Weight loss is not about not eating, but more about eating correctly!  Read more here if you don’t think you’re eating enough.

When you can find that balance with exercise and nutrition, you’ll start losing weight (the right way), feeling better and melting away that fat! This is where the magic happens! 🙂

Here is a picture I just received last week from a current client! After we talked, I realized that she was also one who was exercising several days a week, and trying to ‘eat right’, but the scales hadn’t budged in months (or even years)! She was discouraged because she had really been trying!

All it took was a bit of tweaking with her nutrition plan.

Are you maximizing your fat burning potential?

Here’s what she had to say:

I finished the week and LOVED it! I found new recipes! I am down 7 pounds and have lost 7 inches overall! I will continue tomorrow with the rest of the 21 day challenge! I am using the rapid results plan! I will increase my exercise now! I feel great and I thank you:)

Woohoo! I’m so proud of her! Does all of this sound way too familiar? If you need to adjust your workouts and/or nutrition plan to kick your body into high fat burning gear, I’d love to help you reach your goals, too!

It’s not about crazy dieting or quick, short term fixes, but long term changes. I’ll teach you how to balance your blood sugar, meal prep and more! This is truly a program my clients are learning how to make a lifestyle!


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