One of my favorite soap-box sayings to the women I coach is “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Planning ahead is critical towards reaching your goals, but too many times we make it too complicated and I get it, it’s scary, therefore we just don’t do it. Trust me Im preaching to the choir here bc I’m just as guilty! ha!

My goal is that my weight loss program will be the last weight management plan you’ll ever have to do so I want to teach you how to make it easier for you to plan ahead, be prepared and to be successful!

Your most essential kitchen tool to use every day!

Do you know what one of your most important kitchen tools is? It’s not a fancy and expensive gadget (although they are fun). It’s a lunchbox!

Being prepared is essential to setting yourself up for success and being prepared requires a lunchbox (having a cute one also helps)!

I challenge you to get a lunchbox and pack it full of healthy goodies this week!

Here are a few more tips to make meal prep easier:

1. Roast a whole chicken (or buy one!), cool and debone. Store in ziplock bag.

2. Have a full pan of veggies roasting at the same time your chicken is cooking.

3. Boil several eggs on stove top while chicken and veggies are cooking.

4. Pre make several jars of a “salad in a jar”. (Let your kids help you to try to get them on board with what you’re doing!)

5. Make a pan of egg and veggie muffins.

6. Pre wash and cut veggies and fruit and store in snack size ziplock bags.

7. Buy pre chopped veggies.

8. Buy a fruit and/or vegetable tray ready to eat.

9. Buy single servings of guacamole for a veggie dip = a healthy fat.

10. You can still eat out. Special order if you need to. Stick with meat and vegetables only. Double veggies instead of a starch.

Meal Planning Tips

I hope this helps your meal prep a little less stressful and reach out if you have any questions!

PS: Here’s a full article I’ve written on meal prep and planning ahead!


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