Achieving optimal wellness is so much more than weight loss, but rather celebrating Ws and victories that have nothing to do with those dang scales!  AmmIRight!?

Here is what some of you shared:

I am healing my gut! I have been on Nexium for about 12 years and have not taken it in the last three weeks. I’ve been using the probiotics, enzymes and aloe and healing. Also eliminating the bread and starches have helped tremendously with the bloating and some of the tummy issues. Huge victory for me!

I did not eat a Krispy Kreme ? at work today!

I actually like hot green tea now!!

I can now eat anywhere I am without the thought of “diet!” I have made a lifestyle change and if I want to eat out I just make healthier choices. If I want a piece of pie, I have it and either offset it with exercise or choose a slim piece! It is all about choices. I am loving this no diet thing!

Cholesterol numbers went down by 30 points (in less than a month into my lifestyle change last October) – can’t wait to see results next month! Sleeping so much better, more energy AND I have a much better grip on eating to fuel my body vs feeding my emotions! I’m a better me!

Ya’ll! I can not tell you how incredibly happy this makes me!! This are huge victories and I can’t wait to continue to hear more! 

I also posted a beginner workout. The number one struggle I hear from my peeps is that they don’t have time. Seriously this is a quick (20 minute, no equipment needed workout) that if you have time to watch a 30 minute sitcom, you have time to do this workout! #toughlove #butistillloveyou

20 minute AMRAP for beginners ~ no equipment needed!

Equipment needed:  A table top or counter and YOU!
20 minute AMRAP:  Set your timer for 20 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible.

Lastly, I also busted the myth that we hear way too often and that’s “muscle weighs more than fat”. I’m sorry to say that’s a total myth!  A pound is a pound is a pound…BUT they do differ in density. When you have more muscle mass than body fat, your body is in fat burning mode! When body fat is greater than muscle mass, your metabolism slows down and fat is being stored.

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Coach Sam

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