Actions dictate outcome.  But….wait for it.  That’s a whole lot easier said than done.  AmmIRight?

Habit:  A routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.  

Sometimes I hate that word, but despite by love/hate relationship with it, it’s part of our life and can define what we do and ultimately who we are and become.

Think about your habits right now.  Good and bad.  Healthy and unhealthy.  What positive habits are you most proud of?  What negative habits would you like to change?  What unhealthy habits could still be holding you back from reaching optimal health?

I often share in my coaching group to focus on NSVs (Non Scale Victories).  These NSVs also include healthy habits they’ve created since starting their weight loss journey.  We tend to focus too much on those dreadful scales and really forget what we accomplished along the way allowing those numbers to dictate our actions AND our emotions.

Creating Healthy Habits

Today let’s look at the unhealthy habits you may still be struggling with and what you can do to replace those with healthier ones.  Are you skipping breakfast or other meals throughout the day?  Are you an impulse buyer at the grocery store?  Do you mindlessly empty the bag of chips while watching your favorite marathon on Netflix?  You get it right?

  1. Plan ahead–being unprepared sets you up for failure.  Every time.  If this is your nemesis….then order healthier options of  ready-made meals or buy veggies already chopped to save you time.  What about meal prepping with a friend?
  2. Shop with a full stomach.  How many times have I heard don’t go grocery shopping hungry!  Right?  lol
  3. Seek help.  Get a support system or an accountability partner.
  4. If you’re a 5/day soda drinker, then make sure you have 5 glasses of water with it….start ‘crowding’ out the soda until you don’t have room for it.
  5. Don’t like vegetables?  Then eat only the ones you like and set a goal to try a new one each week…in other words don’t force it.

And as always, journal your struggles.  Journal your food and mood!  It’s amazing how helpful and therapeutic it is to write it down!

Take one day, one step at a time.  How do you eat an elephant?

You guessed it.  One bite at a time.

Love to all!


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