I’m sure like many of you, my Facebook feed is overwhelmed with the ‘please buy my product’ and ‘this product is amazing’ posts.

I get it.  Social media is a powerhouse for marketing your products and your materials.  I know of many businesses who have built million dollar companies simply by using social media as their primary advertising site.  But unless you have the money and know-how to actually run with paid advertising, most of us simply use our own personal page or our business page to promote our business.

And it’s a lot.  Like seriously, I want to pull my hair out a lot.  And sadly, while it’s YOU I should be investing my money and my trust in (instead of corporate America), I usually scroll right on by without giving second notice to what you may be offering.

Too many times my feed seems like nothing more than a flock of circling buzzards waiting to dive in on their next prey just to make a sale.  AmmIRight? I know you’ve witnessed the feeding frenzy when someone merely asks for opinions or a simple question about …well whatever…  and if it fits the profile, let the circling begin.

So today I’m sharing some social media posting tips I’ve learned along my several year journey of owning my own network marketing business.  Tips I hope will help you muck through the fluff, not look like a buzzard amongst the social media madness and successfully sell your products.


Social Media Selling Tips for Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers


Be YOU.  Be real.  Your friends and clients want to hear about YOU more than they want to hear about your products.  I’m not necessarily talking about the infamous 80/20 posting rule, but of the 20% you’re posting about your products, what and how are you actually posting?

Become the expert in your field so the next time the subject comes up, the first person they are going to think of is YOU.  Instead of pushing your product, push yourself.  Brand yourself by offering value to your peeps. Ask yourself how can you help them, encourage them and solve their problem?  

You may have the greatest product on the market, but because people are constantly being sold (or circled upon), they scroll past (rather quickly) instead of stopping to look, much less purchase.  But if you are providing them value, genuinely offering solutions to a problem, they’ll be more likely to take notice…why?  Because you’re helping them and not just selling them.  

Build credibility.  Think about how many ads you see with celebrities and the like.  It’s because these companies believe these celebrities have established credibility with us (the audience) that will influence our purchase. These celebrities have been in our homes for so long, it’s as if we know them and trust them so now we’ll buy (not from them) but whatever product they’re endorsing.  It’s the same with you and me.  Build a relationship first, get to know your audience, become a credible source of information, provide value and become passionate about what you’re promoting.

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Social Media Selling Tips for Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers

Stop selling.  Yep, you read that right.  Your people don’t want to see your selfie with a tube, bottle or whatever filling up their screen. They want to see and hear more about what that product did for you, not the product itself.  Think about selling your product as merely sharing a referral.  Remember when you saw the best movie of all time?  What you did first?  You called a friend and told them about the movie!  You didn’t send them a picture of the movie screen and simply said “you should see this great movie”.  Right?  You went on and on about the story, the actors, how you laughed or cried…in other words what that movie did for you. How it changed you, or how it played on your emotions.

It’s the same with your product.  Stop being weird and stop flashing screenshots and catalog pictures of it, but rather share how it helped you or what it did for you.  There’s such a huge difference and when you can think about selling as nothing more than referring, you’ll find more people will listen to you.

Just like you can still remember scenes from that movie, leave others with that same lasting impression of the value you gave them or how you helped them.

Lastly and probably most importantly, have passion for the platform your products represent. Are you in the business to merely make money or are you so passionate about what you do and serving others that the products you sell are secondary?  Trust me, your people can tell the difference.

The more you love what you do, the more authentic you naturally will be. While I do love my TLS products, they are not my primary focus….they merely compliment and add to my desire and mission to help people lose weight and live their healthiest.  Ask yourself, if your product business folded today, would you still be as passionate about serving your clients without them?

When you stop focusing on what YOU stand to gain and your outcome and start focusing on how you can serve others, success will come.

Let me know if this helps my friend!

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