Regardless of what you try to accomplish in life, you will most likely run into obstacles.  One of the main things I’ve learned for myself in living a healthy lifestyle and also with my clients is that obstacles can make or break you….regardless if they are mental or physical. And I dare say that the mental obstacles are the worst to overcome. It all starts in the mind!

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.

So this week we are looking at what your obstacles may be. Unfortunately, you will always have them! Some will go away, but others will soon take its place. So it’s learning how to adapt, cope and have more power than those obstacles is what will lead you to successful living.

Common obstacles may include:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t have the money.
  • I’m embarrassed to exercise in a group.
  • My family won’t eat this way.
  • I’ll start next week after……
  • I travel too often.

Do any of these sound familiar? Don’t fall victim to your own excuses ladies! Another one of my favorite quotes is, “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way”.

Did you know that weight loss is 95% mental? The messages you tell yourself consciously or subconsciously determine your outcome.

Transforming your body and mind is a difficult task and takes commitment every day with every meal and every bite.  Your mind is a powerful tool!  Use it to help you create new habits, new self talk and a new you!  By addressing only the symptom (your weight or health), the weight gain cycle will continue and you’ll never permanently solve anything.

When you identify and deal with the underlying issues, you will learn to value yourself, empowering you to be better each day!

So let’s look at ways you can overcome some of those common obstacles that may be blocking your path to success.

Overcoming Your Weight Loss Obstacles Feature by TeamSam Fitness

Consider what triggers you to want to eat?  Is it actual hunger or could it be boredom or stress?  The first step is is to learn the difference between the two and understanding what may be driving you to eat.

Abstain from these “trigger” foods.  By avoiding those sugary, high carb, processed foods, you will notice your cravings for them will also diminish.  This is one reason I love doing a 7 day cleanse or detox to help overcome those nasty sugar cravings.

Don’t let minor setbacks stop you from achieving your goals.  Healthy living is about finding balance instead of following a strict rule book of dos and don’ts.  Setbacks are normal and should be expected.  The best way to look at setbacks is to see them as opportunities for improvement for next time.

Don’t set yourself up for failure from the start.  Be realistic with your goals and how you’re going to reach them.  Don’t expect to run a marathon next week if you’ve never even ran a mile.  Get it?  It’s the same with weight loss. Remember is a process and creating healthier habits takes time.  It’s more about consistency in moving forward. As long as you’re moving forward, you’re making progress.

Do you procrastinate?  While you may be telling yourself  “I don’t have time” could be the simple result of procrastination.  Consider why you keep putting it off.  Is it fear of failure, change or even the unknown?  Maybe you’re just not sure what to do, leaving you feeling overwhelmed so you just shut down instead of moving at all. Find an accountability partner…someone like you who can support you to encourage you when fear keeps you from moving.

Plan ahead.  Just like an elite athlete would plan ahead for their big event, we too, must plan ahead for day to day living….especially when it comes to weight loss.  Distractions are all around us and if we aren’t prepared to deal with them, they’ll suck us right in and become a huge obstacle in preventing us from reaching out goals. Whether you’re traveling, going to work or have a long day ahead at the ball park, planning ahead and being prepared will keep you on course.  Make it easier on yourself by keeping healthy, go to snacks on hand and having a cute lunch box or ice chest also helps.  🙂

Lastly and one that makes me snicker is don’t use food as a reward.  Rewarding yourself too frequently with unhealthy options defeats the purpose of chaining habits and creating a healthy lifestyle.  While I’m all about an occasional indulgence, I’ve also found that I don’t want them as often like I used to either.

The more I started living healthier, the more I began to look at food differently.

Dont reward yourself with food, you're not a dog.

Once you’re closer to your goal, use the 80/20 rule and structure a healthy dessert option into your existing diet instead of using these foods as a reward.  Otherwise, you may feel guilt and start associating negative feelings around eating.  Food is fuel, should be enjoyed and should support your health goals.

Do you need encouragement, accountability and the tools to get your started on your own journey to better health?  Join my free private coaching group today for women who are on a quest to figure out the balance between clean eating and REAL LIFE!

To your health my friends!  What are your biggest obstacles and what do you do to overcome them?

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