Got stairs?

In keeping with my Simple Fitness theme, I’m sharing this workout I’ve done on our beach house stairs more than once.

If you have stairs or steps you can do this workout.  Period.  Nothing fancy.  No equipment needed.

Seriously, take 20 minutes and give this a try.  Yo legs will be on fiYah and your heart will be racing, but when you’re done, you’ll be smiling! lol  Well….after you’ve recovered of course, but this is surely a good one!

got stairs ~ A high intensity staircase workout

  • Set your timer to 20 minutes and do AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).
  • Take 10 seconds rest after each complete round of 3 sets.
  • Don’t feel like you have to go all the way to the top of the stairs.  Do what you can do!
  • And lastly, but most importantly, maintain correct form with each exercise.]

This will also be a great quick workout while traveling as well.  Don’t let those hotel stairs go to waste!

Let me know if you give this one a try!

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